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industrial solid fuel steam boilers boiler

The importance of using the boiler pressure gauge conditions below, will address this specific target boiler, to elaborate the contents of this area, but in form, will be a question and answer format, because their main job is to carry out the boiler the answering questions, so, so that we have a comprehensive understanding, as well as a thorough understanding of, rather than make their own little knowledge, thereby creating new problems. 1. boiler industrial solid fuel steam boilers boiler, its conditions of use, mainly what? Conditions steam boiler, specifically, if, then is as follows: (1) steam boilers before use, to carry out full and careful examination can not be missing any one of its parts. For its internal parts, especially in some important parts and important part is to focus inspection to see if it is intact, can work properly, if the problem should be resolved in time. (2) steam boilers used in water softening treatment first, and if the quality of clean and dry, oil and other impurities and can not have. (3) steam boiler safety valve, because it is an important component, so the adjustment should be adjusted prior to the proper position, so as not to be adjusted at any time in the boiler during operation, so that it will bring adverse effects. 2.10 tons of coal-fired boiler 10 tons in steam and hot water boilers, respectively, refers to what? 10 tons of coal-fired boilers, in which the 10 tons, if it is in the steam boiler, then, which is the rated evaporation of the boiler 10 tons per hour. If a hot water boiler, then refers to the supply of heat per hour, as one ton is 0.7MW, so 10 tons, is the 7MW. 3. The pressure gauge on the boiler, which is why it is important to say? This is because the pressure gauge, which is mainly used to measure the internal pressure of the boiler. Further, a pressure gauge, can reflect the changes of the load and the combustion boiler. Therefore, the combustion thereon, is to be appropriately adjusted by the gauge display, to adapt load changes. Thus, allow the safe operation of the boiler can improve the safety of its coefficient. So, when he says, it is very important.

Kunming chemical gas industrial solid fuel steam boilers boiler how much the price of gas chemical plant in Kunming steam boiler price how much? Currently, steam boilers used chemical plant in Kunming basic fuel is a gas. Previous coal-fired steam boiler gradually eliminated. For chemical plants, because government subsidies, Kunming, local enterprises or the burden of purchasing gas boiler steam boiler that will be much smaller. Recently, there is a chemical plant Kunming to fast boiler advice to purchase a gas steam boiler, which for the enterprise, is the result of many pre-contrast, only consult to us boiler manufacturers. For businesses, the purchase price for the boiler is very concerned about. In this regard, fast boiler for the actual situation of the chemical plant in Kunming understanding, concluded that the plant with a gas steam boiler 4 tons is possible. At present, the boiler model price is about 500,000.

Steam boiler which is often carried out in the field of industrial safety performance is good industrial solid fuel steam boilers boiler and have sufficient thermal energy conversion effect, so it is frequently used in various industrial sectors play a pivotal processing use. Professional steam boiler main save energy and to use thermal energy conversion with steam, thereby reducing the phenomenon of contamination during operation is achieved over the environmental processing, it is therefore often used for use in a number of important industrial fields. The following small series will tell as we analyze several major industrial steam boilers commonly used: first, the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical industry is also heavily used areas of a large steam boiler making industries in general hospitals and pharmaceuticals need to be using. Hospitals are mostly carried out for various medical machines or ward for effective sterilization with steam, and the pharmaceutical industry in addition to effective sterilization drying can also take advantage of the steam boiler boiling process, due to the high environmental performance of steam boilers and do not have contaminants Therefore emissions to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical. Second, the field of the petrochemical industry, petrochemical industry to be able to achieve high quality oil refining often refined using steam boilers for heating, the oil can be a high temperature in the production process of the train will be reasonably efficient conversion, and uses steam boiler automatic operation function quickly and effectively carry out processing operations on oil, petrochemical processing industry and allow better development in the processing advantages of saving energy and reducing consumption of polluting emissions down. Third, food processing food processing use of the Central Standing Committee to assist in the operation of steam boilers, especially biscuits and bread or meat processing plants often need to use the boiler, can effectively be sterilized drying in food processing through steam boiler or distillation and maturation, so that the effective completion of various food products processing under thermal effect of high temperature steam. In summary, the three major industrial areas is a small series steam boilers everyone tells commonly used, due to the conversion of thermal energy to be mainly steam stability and strong safety, but also makes good service, good after-sale steam boiler in the energy market is especially popular choice in many areas gain favor, more and more and as the optimization of steam boiler technology in the production of continuous improvement also continued popularity of usable area.

Wuhan Port District Social Welfare Institute (apartments for the elderly) is invested by the government pension services, with a total construction area of ​​38,000 square meters, 532 beds, mainly adopt destitute persons, social support on behalf of the elderly. Hope to provide welfare to the elderly year-round 24-hour hot water, the original boiler equipment can not meet this demand, therefore, require additional purchase orphanage hot water boiler. After much investigation, in cooperation with the welfare determined fast boiler, provides three integrally condensing gas hot water boiler (WNS1.4-1.0 / 95/70-Y.Q) by a fast boiler.