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heat recover hot water boiler

Mengjin County, Luoyang, Henan Province, gas boiler replacement boiler standard coal-fired special government subsidy funds

Payment of subsidies and subsidies range limit

1, 2017, the scope of subsidies for the county ban on burning heating zone for the pipeline network not covered by the new township area and each user implementation of electric-generation coal, gas and coal on behalf of, the 2017 subsidy period from the date of promulgation of this program until September 30, 2017. Subsidies for businesses that have enjoyed the coal-fired boiler demolition transformation of enterprises, and the implementation of these measures before the transformation of the residential customers, no longer be subsidized.

2, 2018, the scope of subsidies for the county planning area, heating, supply pipe network uncovered areas and rural areas, the implementation of user-generation electric coal, gas and coal on behalf of, the subsidy for the period October 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018 day.

Standard boiler grant funds

1, in the town and county combustion zone ban range, new merchant embodiment of the stove coal to gas, the following two hobs household subsidy 1000, 3 hobs or more (including 3 hob) of the household subsidies 2000 yuan; the implementation of new business of coal to electricity, each household one-time subsidy of 1,000 yuan.

2, in the town and county combustion zone ban range, the conditions do not have the central heating, electric heating devices using a user to install or replace gas heating boiler fired heating boiler, per household 500 (800 yuan urban low households ) were given a one-time subsidy.

3, in the town and county combustion zone ban range, do not have the centralized power supply conditions employed, alternative gas cooker kitchen cooking coal powder burning, administered in accordance with standard household 500 (urban low households 800 yuan) a subsidies.

4, institutions, enterprises and other distributed coal-fired boiler demolition, according to the Environmental Protection Agency Mengjin County, Mengjin County Finance Bureau "on the issuance of Mengjin County coal-fired boiler demolition notice decentralized financial capital subsidy approach" (Meng ring [2017] 22 No.) document provides subsidies.

Foreignindustrialcountriesfocusontheuseoffluidizedbedcombustiontoreductof NOxandS02emissions,reduceairpollution,andthenquicklyappliedtoutilityboilerstomeetitsstrictenvironmentallawsandregulations,capacity and technology are rapidly improving.

SOPs electric steam boiler 1, the electric steam boiler before opening the valves to confirm the correct position, the water supply, power supply is normal. 2, press the power switch, power indicator light, alarm controller (due to lack of water in the boiler) at the same time the pump starts to operate, the controller stops the alarm after replenishment to low water levels, the electric steam boiler running indicator lights, automatic replenishment High Level , water pumps stop. 3, replenishment to the water level, when the furnace pressure is low, electric heating tube starts automatically. 4, the electric steam boiler pressure reaches the set value, automatically stop heating, steam valve is opened at this time can, using steam. 5, steam is used, the furnace pressure drop, when the pressure dropped to the lower limit set value, the heating is started automatically. 6, when using the steam oven water level falling, when the water level falls below the low that start the pump, supply water to high water level to the furnace. 7, when the water level is below the low level, and supply system is not functioning normally, 10 seconds after the water level does not reach the low water level electrode, heating tube heating was stopped, as the water level continues to fall below the low water levels electrode, alarm and shutdown protection controller. 8, off. Electric steam boiler work is finished, press the "Power" switch off the power, the power light is off, turn off the power switch. When the pressure gauge to be reduced to 0.15 ~ 0.1MPa, the blowdown valve is opened for discharge, the inlet valve closed.

After investigation, the customer chose the CBM 25-ton SZL series coal-fired steam boiler for food factory. This boiler is fully capable of meeting the steam demand in the customer's food processing, and the boiler can be load regulated to meet the steam demand during peak and off-peak hours.