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80,000 level require much heating gas boiler room equipment? Customer is a district of Dalian, heating an area of ​​80,000 ping, do not know the choice of several tons of gas hot water boiler. Zhengzhou boiler factory according to the customer's location and the actual heating demand, our customers recommend the following gas hot water boiler. 80,000 level require much heating boiler, in short, one ton boiler heating area of ​​10,000 level, taking into account the problems of customers located in the northeast, colder winter, coupled with the loss of heat, a ton of heating area can be calculated level security 8000, then 80,000 level will need about 10 tons of gas boiler.

Fangkuai Group adopts the concept of “moulding character and creating high-quality products”, and continues to research and continuously improve the technological content of products to get closer to users. With the mission of “creating convenient and fast boiler room equipment high-quality products for users”, it uses remote monitoring, APP, and active return visits. And other channels to provide users with convenient and efficient services; with the core values of "professionalism, lean work" as the core value, established an effective enterprise management system, adopted ISO9001 quality management system, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management System certification; and cultivated a large number of high-quality employees with norms of behavior, professionalism, and continuous commitment to provide customers with more convenient and efficient services.

Steam consumption meter on the importance of choosing the right boiler room equipment We first need to determine the amount of steam boilers in order to select the corresponding power. Calculating the amount of steam has the following general categories: calculated using the heat transfer equation based on the amount of steam. Heat transfer equation to calculate the amount of steam by using a thermal analysis apparatus output, to estimate the amount of steam. This method is more complex, due to the uncertainty of the result of some factors which will have some errors. The steam directly metered amounts. You can use a flow meter to test the device. Rated thermal power equipment manufacturers to provide. Equipment manufacturers typically on the nameplate nominal heat power, rated thermal power is usually to mark KW heat output, in kg / h steam pressure annotation representation depends on the steam consumption. Specific applications by using steam steam consumption can be calculated in the following way: Laundry laundry Selection Selection steam boiler steam boiler main laundry device according to the selection, the common laundry washing machine equipment, dry-cleaning machines, dryer, ironing machines. General laundry device has a marked amount of steam, the steam laundry calculated as poly unlabeled force provided may be calculated: Hotel Selection Selection steam boiler steam boiler property mainly by the number of rooms, number of employees , the occupancy rate, laundry work time and other factors to estimate the amount of steam, the steam boilers in order to carry out the selection. Selection tool factories and other occasions steam boiler plant selection Selection of steam boilers and other applications, such as steam boilers have used previously, press amounts to previous selection. The new process or a new project, the press computing devices, metering, factory selection of the rated power to the steam boiler. More information Watch fuel gas steam boiler.

Long-term use pressure hot water boiler room equipment knows, regularly fixed on the pressure gauge and thermometer professional check to ensure parity within the validity period. Further, in order to ensure sensitive and reliable boiler safety, the operator should always flushing water table, check the temperature and water level control means. The operators during boiler operation in addition to ensure that no off-site, but also concerned about the internal and external changes in boiler to ensure safety.