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itp fire tube boiler

In Apr 2014, there was a set 75 ton biomass fired steam itp fire tube boiler to Manila, Philippines, and until now, the boiler is working well in power station.

What chemical plant itp fire tube boiler water treatment problems in boiler water treatment chemical problems in which there are (1) do not pay attention heating boiler water treatment. Hot water boilers and steam boilers, there are significant differences between them. Because the hot water boiler in most of the water is recycled. Hot water boiler and the boiler is filled conduit, if less consumption, water will become less, the temperature will be lower than the hot water boiler steam boilers, hot water boilers and therefore the risk of corrosion is greater than the risk of fouling. Because soft water boiler will lose the protection layer of calcium, severe corrosion of boilers, pipes and fan coil. Some developed countries in Europe and America, has now changed the way water treatment sodium ion exchange. Shutdown maintenance (2) ignore boiler. In our country, basically the use of winter heating boiler. These boilers Each year, about eight months in a shutdown state. Most chemical plant boilers user does not make any protective measures during boiler shutdown, resulting in accelerated corrosion of the boiler. In addition, during the operation does not take any measures to clean up the boiler, some of the corrosion product will be in the secondary boiler circulating water, thereby causing secondary corrosion of the boiler, the boiler water into rust red. Visible, do not attach importance to the maintenance shutdown of the boiler, corrosion resulting corrosion generated worse than running, losses will be more. (3) chemical plant boiler water treatment personnel lack their own quality. For chemical plant boiler business, the ability to do the job boiler water treatment, not only with the boiler unit whether the conditions of water treatment, water treatment equipment and pharmaceutical and other factors is complete, and still have their own quality water treatment personnel contact directly. In the current boiler units, which are mostly part-time work by the fireman water treatment. They do not have the knowledge of water treatment, the principle of water treatment, water treatment chemicals performance, usage and timing of medication and so is not particularly clear, in particular, can not fully master the use of water treatment equipment, often using the wrong medicine will appear, not in accordance with the standard drug situation. And when the boiler water treatment, if treatment is not used properly, could be counterproductive situation.

Combined with "263 Action Plan" introduced in Jiangsu Province, improve the ecological environment quality, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province High-tech Zone Branch Market Authority xixiashu again organize the use of coal-fired itp fire tube boiler units in the area to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

The inspection strengthen the investigation of the case of coal-fired boilers small bathroom, after examination, found that the use of coal-fired boilers within the jurisdiction of the bathroom has been updated for biomass fuel boilers. But when Huaqing Pool bathroom boiler inspection, found that although their water heating boiler has been replaced by biomass fuel boilers, but the phenomenon is still using coal as a raw material existence. Xixiashu Branch inspectors immediately to advise the town of environmental protection departments, and environmental protection departments to strengthen the joint inspection of the bathroom usage boiler safety problems one by one investigation to correct non-compliance.

2, the exhaust arrangement (flue gas) heat recovery.

Exhaust heat recovery from the flue gas passage to increase spray tower, heat exchange by spraying water mixed with the flue gas, a large amount of heat carried away by the fumes spray water, reduced exhaust gas temperature, high temperature spray water is pressurized by the circulating pump through a heat exchanger or other heating boiler return mechanisms, in order to achieve recycling of flue gas waste heat of exhaust gas temperature is reduced, saving energy and reducing the running cost and the fuel. Than the exhaust heat recovery economizer much better energy-saving effect, even some devices may be the flue gas water vapor latent heat recovery. But the exhaust heat recovery unit investment, more equipment, additional operating costs also, the failure rate is high. The economizer is simple and reliable, no mechanical component failure rate, operating costs are zero.