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Distributor Boiler Machine Industrial 20t

How to distinguish pressure hot water distributor boiler machine industrial 20ts and pressure hot water boiler: During hot water boiler used, it was often not clear distinction between pressure hot water boilers and pressure hot water boiler, understand their characteristics, below, small taping we take a closer look. First look at the difference between the two structural constraints, as pressure hot water boiler requires only a reasonable layout of the heating surface, reasonable water cycle, others do not think too much. The pressure hot water boiler under pressure due to their relatively clear, there will be restrictions in all aspects of selecting the location, such as boiler water capacity, it is also one of the two different points. Second, you can look at the issue level control. Pressure hot water boiler level control in question during operation, a drum full of water in the state of opening the box top is still connected, and the pressure is not the same as the hot water boiler. Look inside the boiler pressure changing conditions.

Structure designed according to the distributor boiler machine industrial 20t pressure, provided through the top of the large pores, the boiler operates at atmospheric pressure, away from the danger of explosion; boiler furnace using computer simulation to optimize the design, the size of the boiler is fully optimized, so that coordination aesthetic aspect.

Pressure distributor boiler machine industrial 20t installation if need be reported and how to determine water boiler? This important site for boiler products, I believe we will not feel strange, because it is the site of important and flagship product, so its knowledge and understanding, it is very necessary to actually work in to proper use, and at the same time, you can give yourself more knowledge and understanding, so that you can derive some new knowledge, rather than nothing. 1. The atmospheric boiler in the boiler this kind, its installation requires filing it? For this kind of boiler pressure boiler, which is installed on the need to be reported, it is to see how much the boiler million kilocalories, if, that is 300,000 kcal or less, then, does not require installation of filing If more than 30 million kcal, is needed. However, for the moment, this provision, nor is her unchangeable, in some places or occasions, it can be change.

In early 2013, fast distributor boiler machine industrial 20t is a food processing company Luohe a 10-ton condensing steam boiler installed integrally cloud service monitoring module, by monitoring the data found in March, the maximum pressure in the boiler set small deviation, the small boiler load adjustment range, and it uses a continuous replenishment way. When such a large load changes, the burner will start and stop frequently, adversely affect the boiler. After the burner system to monitor working properly, timely communication with customers, to help customers put pressure adjusted to the maximum deviation of the normal range. Then return to the display data safe range, the maximum starting frequency is reduced to the burner 4 times / hour from 8 times / hour, reduced by the mean starting frequency of 3.7 times / hr 1 / hr reported in June. At the same time gas consumption decreased by 10% to obtain the customer's trust and recognition.