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8t Boiler High Efficiency Dealer

The Chen Yuanshi cooperation with our company, will build on the fast side to enhance the field of basic product research and development capabilities, direct docking of the world cutting-edge technology achievements for existing products can quickly complete testing and validation, thereby enhancing our side fast 8t boiler high efficiency dealer technology value-added products, have a stronger market competitiveness.

Note: In addition to the standard design selection according to local manufacturing, the manufacturing process of the 8t boiler high efficiency dealer also need a third-party inspection agency and issued certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity standards. This is usually a necessary condition for the letter of credit for payment or entry of goods. States have their own third-party inspection agency accredited, but the test cost is not a small expenditure.

First of all, we must be clear what the phenomenon 8t boiler high efficiency dealer when full of water failure. 1, the water level is not visible or not, a high level alarm; 2, steam temperature decreases, main steam isolation valves and the turbine inlet valves visible white steam; 3, turbine or steam pipe occurs water impact; 4, water flow is not normal is greater than steam flow. Causes gas boiler filled with water following points. 1, water supply is automatically jump manually, resulting in abnormal increase of water supply; 2, or drum set on the safety valve steam header, resulting in up water or with water; 3, more evaporation boiler overload occurred priming.

Gas hot water 8t boiler high efficiency dealer "squib" Causes and Treatment: convection heating surface tube convection gas boiler, high temperature flue gas to absorb heat to increase the boiler heating area. Convection bank performance results - endothermic, have a relationship with the flue gas flow, the pipe arrangement, the flue gas flushing mode, is one important component of a gas boiler.