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water boiler for school and hotel

Our jewelry processing company in the automotive production, many processes require energy, to be honest we really a headache on the choice of the boiler, thanks met specializes in the research and production of fast square boiler boiler! The purchase of two Taipower hot water boiler for school and hotel, tangible help us save a lot of costs. --customer feedback

Note the use of steam boilers daily trilogy we all know, the scope of application of the steam boiler is very wide, as long as the steam can be used anywhere, basically used in the boiler. The reason is that the purpose of the boiler is to provide high-quality steam for the people, and in the use of the boiler, we should pay attention to a lot of places, where we introduced the three basic points when using the boiler to note: 1, the installation. Installation step is important, because the purchase of the boiler is sometimes not a lot, a lot of sellers will be transported home in boiler components, and then by the appropriate person responsible for the boiler installation. If you install doing a good job, there will be a lot of problems in the future use, so small to large screw to the boiler need attention during installation. 2, then perform routine maintenance. Any machine in the course will need to do its comprehensive maintenance, especially for internal boiler and machine parts for the usual cleaning, dust removal work must be done, otherwise it will affect the appearance or affect the normal operation of the machine. Meanwhile work is also likely to be harmful. People's health. 3, the maintenance of the boiler. No matter how reliable a machine, after a period of time, it can cause a variety of problems, including a misplaced when users. For the boiler, it is also true that many people in the use of the boiler does not follow the correct mode of operation can lead to all kinds of damage must be promptly repair the fault, in order to ensure the normal operation of the boiler. Consider the above three points, to ensure the normal operation of the boiler without problems.

One ton gas steam boiler to produce one ton of steam required number of cubic meters of natural gas First, we need to understand the need to absorb 1 ton of water into steam heat, and the heat released by combustion heat value of natural gas required by the boiler equipment, passed to medium water, the water absorbs heat changes in the physical properties of cold water into hot water and then gasified into steam, which will take it to absorb heat about 600,000 kcal natural gas quality. of course, the quality of the combustion engine is the most important, good product energy-saving gas boiler quality is a major factor raw gas steam boiler 1 t of steam per air consumption; heat value of natural gas per cubic 9000 kcal; thermal efficiency of the boiler 0.91; Job boiler can draw heat transfer index of 0.91x9000 = 8190, by 600,000 / 8190 = 73.000, i.e., each theoretically produce one ton of water vapor, gas consumes about 70-75 square.

(2) The ignition temperature rises, and the initial temperature rise and pressure increase is slow. Generally, the time from the initial boost to the working pressure is about 3~4h, and the water level gauge should be flushed during this period. At the same time, observe whether the pressure gauges on both sides of the steam boiler are consistent, and check whether there is any leaking steam at the inlet.