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boiler kapasitas 1 ton

July 26, 2016, Beijing, China Everbright Paper Co., Ltd. and the company signed a "split 6 tons of steam condensing gas steam boiler kapasitas 1 ton contract" by the company responsible for the WNS6-1.25-YQ split condensing gas boiler steam to all production, installation and commissioning work. The product is the use of condensing technology, effective emission of harmful substances SOx, NOx, COx, is industrial boilers efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Gas heating boiler kapasitas 1 ton control system hardware is the core component a.PLC section describes the whole control system, Siemens PLC series;. B field data acquisition system by the temperature sensor, a pressure sensor, a combustible gas, flame monitor, water level sensors and other components;. C intelligent Siemens touch screen interface related equipment can be employed (including soft keyboard, display). Its main uses: displaying information; set and modify the parameters; providing softkey; password protection; D sensor conduit using PT100; e environmental sensor using wireless transmission; F sound and light alarm device installed; g.... using the primary pump contactor control.

Teach you how to select a steam boiler kapasitas 1 ton heat exchangers: steam boiler heat exchanger is generally divided into two, one is in direct contact with a heat exchanger, and the other is an indirect heat exchanger, which are separate means is used to flue gas waste heat recovery, to achieve energy saving effect. Generally conventional steam boiler can be increased by a simple transformation of energy-saving effects, such as increasing the installed heat recovery unit, which is the energy-saving advantages of steam boilers. Energy savings from the big side, is to promote the cause of saving the country, to say that small ways to create more profits for the enterprise cost savings, choice of heat exchangers is one good way to achieve energy efficiency goals.

If the boiler kapasitas 1 ton has a longer downtime, the decommissioning factor must also be considered. The fast latter embodies the advantages of energy saving at start-up, saving an average of 5% to 11% of energy; while the former still has energy loss in normal, continuous operation: through heat radiation and the source of the chimney loss. Moreover, after the hot water boiler is deactivated for a long period of time, it takes a long time to return to normal working condition.