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boilers model no 50w hw ga2 600 160

Ignition: initial temperature and pressure need rise slowly, generally from the initial boost to the working pressure about appropriate 3~4h , water meter should be cleaned one time during this period. At the same time observation of biomass steam boilers model no 50w hw ga2 600 160 pressure gauge on both sides are the same, and need check whether have steam leaks in the hand-hole or other place.

When the natural gas boilers model no 50w hw ga2 600 160 is seriously short of water, how should it be done in the process of operation of the natural gas boiler once it meets the water shortage sometimes it will make the stoves lose their control, how to solve it after all? Today with everybody analysis natural gas boiler serious water shortage how to do? In the process of running natural gas boiler, some of the most common faults occur, the most serious is the boiler water shortage phenomenon, the main cause of water shortage is improper operation of the boiler, leaving the post for a long time, can not normal water supply. When there is a serious water shortage, do not have the heart pressure immediately feed water, this is not correct, because the furnace is seriously short of water, horizontal steam boiler The parts have become red and cannot be fed immediately. It is necessary to wait until the boiler temperature drops before supplying water and overhauling the parts for failure.

The party now has a fast FGR technology and premix combustion technology such as low-emission products have been quickly occupied Beijing, Tianjin and the market, 120,000 square meters of boilers model no 50w hw ga2 600 160 production line 4 tireless efforts day and night to produce boiler equipment exported to the US, Russia, India, North Korea and other countries and parts of Europe, a number of countries to meet the needs of different clients.

Features of ZBG Biomass Fired steam Boiler:

1. Long residence time in the high temperature furnace, sufficient combustion, high fuel efficiency,

2. The problem of black smoke can be fundamentally solved.With the accompanying boilers, the original concentration of smoke emission is low.

3. Continuous fuel combustion, stable working condition, free from the influence of adding fuel and fire, can guarantee the output.