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biomass hot water boiler with burner

Currently, biomass boilers results in incomplete combustion of the fuel in the main factors: the temperature of the furnace is not enough, lower than 600 ℃, good combustion can not be established normally structure; the amount of air supplied to the fuel can not meet the combustible components required for complete combustion; amount of air supplied is sufficient, but due to the mixing and contacting do not, initiate combustion disorder; water-based fuel used in the boiler is too large, when the fuel moisture more than 45%, combustion can be difficult to ensure normal combustion; fuel particles are too large, is not conducive to combustion reaction; or the reaction time of the combustion grate enough vibration amplitude is too large, the interval is too short, insufficient burning time; much ash, coke particles and wrapped, the combustion rate slowing; feed lot, on the grate fabric layer is too thick, gas-solid mixture is not benign; feed grate or thin material less heat storage capacity is insufficient. Products of biomass combustion boiler, contains a lot of combustible, ash black, sometimes visible raw material is discharged. The combustion gas contains a large amount of carbon monoxide combustible components. Factors causing incomplete combustion boiler fuel as follows: (1) the furnace temperature is not enough, lower than 600 ℃, good combustion can not be established in general structure. The amount of air (2) supplied in the fuel can not meet the need for complete combustion of the combustible component. The amount of air (3) is sufficiently supplied, since poor mixing and contacting the combustion disorder. (4) abnormal accident. (5) too much water the fuel as received, more than 45% of the water is difficult to ensure the normal combustion of the fuel. (6) the fuel particles are too large, is not conducive to the combustion reaction. (7) the reaction time of the combustion is insufficient, the amplitude of vibration of the grate is too large, the interval is too short, short burning time. (8) much ash, ash coke particles wrapping, slow combustion, (9) a feed lot, on the grate fabric layer is too thick, not gas-solid benign mixed. (10) the feed grate or thin material less heat storage capacity is not strong.

As one of Beijing's air pollution emission standards of the most demanding urban, environmental control is very strict. Beijing primary school campus Emerald City as one of the cradles of socialist culture successor, in terms of the quality of students' learning environment is put emphasis on one hundred percent. October 2017, Beijing primary school campus Emerald City with my company, signed a two Thalia T6 series vacuum biomass hot water boiler with burner for winter heating use.

Di steam boiler safety valve installation and adjustment of safety valves for steam boilers, its importance is self-evident, its purpose is to protect the safe operation of steam boilers, when the medium pressure steam boilers or pipes increases more than the prescribed the value is automatically turned on, the steam boiler safety shutdown. Biomass boiler is a kind of boiler to biomass energy as a boiler fuel called biomass boilers, steam boilers into biomass, biomass biomass hot water boiler with burner, biomass stove, biomass thermal oil heaters, vertical raw biomass boilers, biomass boilers and other horizontal. There are heating and hot water boiler bath for two purposes. Hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump hot water holding tank, the tank hot water heating cycle can be achieved bath object; hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump heating conduit, through the heat sink (radiator) people can achieve heating requirements; hot water boiler and hot water circulating pump with heat exchanger can be achieved bathing and heating dual function. Safety valve is so important, then for its installation, precautions, the author based on years of experience, in particular, are summarized below. 1. The safety valve safety valve should be installed after the installation of the boiler pressure test and adjust safety valve operating pressure at the first fire. The pressure should 7≤2 provided for in section 143 of the National Bureau of Labor Table "Supervision and Regulation steam boiler safety technology" to adjust. 2. Remove the adjustment valve opening pin, remove the cover, loosen the hex lock nut, the adjustment screw is then screwed, to relax or tighten the spring to meet the required pressure exhaust valve. After adjusting tighten the lock nut, and then install the remaining components. When the valve reaches a predetermined set pressure, it should be sealed lead-sealed, unless the check valve, otherwise not allowed to remove the lead seal at any other time. First, when adjusting the safety valve, the water level should be slightly lower than normal water level of the barrel, and ready to enter the water when the safety valve is opened. Second, do not knock any part of the safety valve, the safety valve can only be opened using the valve control lever. Finally, the boiler is absolutely prohibited until the safety valve is adjusted.

Gas-fired steam boiler applications include gas steam boiler steam boiler and biomass hot water boiler with burner two categories, under the policy from coal to gas, the use of gas steam boiler is also increasingly widespread up. Regional gas boiler is also engaged in the implementation of replacement or renovation project. Then come to you simply steam boiler applications have what? Steam boiler applications can be roughly divided into three categories, residential, commercial and industrial, civil and generally refers to the domestic gas boiler our lives with so-called boiler, primarily for home heating and bath with hot water , which is characterized by simple structure, convenient operation, long life, is the choice of most families choose; commercial, then generally refers to the star hotel, hospital school district heating mechanism, the general will choose to steam bath or gas boiler boiler for hot water supply of the main ways. Required in this area to select a gas boiler, characterized in that the gas or gas compared in terms of biomass fuel, no dust combustion, emissions in the flue gas can also control the amount of nitrogen emissions. Gas-fired steam boiler combustion more fully in value, mostly in the commercial is also a good choice; the last is the industrial furnace, industrial furnace is characteristic of large tonnage, high fuel demand, in general, the company received the heat a gas pipeline to gas as fuel, then the biggest advantage is that no storage, reducing transportation and storage costs of fuel, generally used for thermal power generation or industrial heating and heating company needs large industrial enterprises. These are the three main areas of use on gas-fired boiler to introduce today, hoping to help you have a better understanding of steam or hot water boiler, also hope that we can continue to focus on.