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Condensing Boiler Dealer 2 Ton

Operational efficiency and the use of condensing boiler dealer 2 ton efficiency condensing gas factors affecting brewery brewery condensing gas boiler length of time is important reference customer choice and purchase of the boiler. Of course, this is a preliminary issue, linked to the quality of the boiler, but after the operation and maintenance of the real needs of customers insist on a regular basis to complete. 1. The difference between the mass of gas and liquefied petroleum gas is a relatively pure source of gas, the gas is relatively poor artificial, impurities inside thereof, an unstable component, a low calorific value, the greater impact on the life of the equipment. 2. WATER QUALITY China's large land area, large differences in water quality. Water calcium and magnesium ions of different contents. Condensing boiler water treatment even after softening, easy to scale, but only to soften the water to reduce the content of calcium and magnesium ions, can not be completely eliminated. The results show that the heat transfer performance of the system deteriorates to reduce the diameter, the flow is blocked, the energy consumption increases. Gas boiler condensate pump clogging once the flow is not smooth, easy to failure, damage to the main heat exchanger at high temperature easily. Thus greatly reducing the time used in boiler water circulation system equipment. The quality of steam produced is also not high.

The 58MW circulating fluidized bed hot water condensing boiler dealer 2 ton is along with the rapid development of the national energy saving and environmental protection in recent years,used in large central heating and provide hot water from the boiler technology widely,According the circulating fluidized bed boiler sales data from ZG, the heating company use 58MW circulating fluidized bed hot water boiler is more in the location where ecological environment is fragile.

About indirect cooling water, condensing boiler dealer 2 ton, waste water discharge problems recently, the environmental protection department received a letter from the masses, counseling for problem indirect cooling water boilers, waste water emissions, the following is specific information. Q: Has been in the EIA phase are talking about indirect cooling water, boiler blowdown water as clean water, directly into the storm sewer network. However, according to "Application for discharge permits issued specifications - raw Pharmaceutical Manufacturing" in Table 9 water pollution treatment available techniques mentioned in the table, required circulating cooling water, waste water treatment stations into the sewage treatment plant. So, calorie-free discharge of bulk drugs manufacturers indirect cooling water and boiler blowdown water into the sewage treatment station whether it should be treated and then discharged into the sewer network, or can be regarded as clean water directly into the storm sewer or sewage pipe network in it ? And how to deal with it in other industries? A: API industry in accordance with "fermentative pharmaceutical water pollutant discharge standards" (GB21903-2008), "chemical synthetic pharmaceutical water pollutant discharge standards" (GB21904-2008), "extraction pharmaceutical industrial water pollutant emission standards "(GB21905-2008) three standards. According to the aforementioned standards, indirect cooling water of the drug manufacturer, should the boiler water as blowdown wastewater efflux, the total waste water discharged through the discharge port companies, generally classified as synthetic wastewater collection process category; drug-free, do not affect water standard index can be directly discharged into the sewer network. Indirect cooling water in other industries, boiler blowdown water in accordance with the relevant emission standards strictly enforced, strict management.

Harbin Thermal Power Co., the main city of Harbin is the largest cogeneration business, the company bear the city's heating area of ​​24 million square meters, to provide heat supply for more than 400 agencies, enterprises and 140,000 residents. Currently, the company is actively respond to the latest environmental standards introduced in China, the group mobilized up and down, stepping up technological innovation, upgrading environmental protection facilities, the project is expected to complete upgrading coal-fired condensing boiler dealer 2 ton at the end of this year.

Harbin Thermal Power Co., the existing five boilers for heating and power generation: where to cogeneration units No. 7,8,9, and the other two hot water boilers. No. 9350 MW units which since 2017 was completed and put into operation, has achieved ultra-low emissions standards during construction. 7, No. 8 is 300 MW units were built in 2005 and 2006, these two units of environmental transformation began in 2013. Harbin Thermal Power Co., according to the latest environmental requirements, environmental upgrading facilities. First, soot emissions transformation, the introduction of advanced electric bag filter, followed by addition of sulfur, in addition to the transformation of nitrate, new burners in addition to the low nitrogen oxides of nitrogen, a wet desulfurization technologies in addition to sulfur dioxide. After four consecutive years of continuous transformation, 7,8 units in 2017, all the transformation is completed, achieve ultra-low emissions standards. For the two 116 MW hot water boiler was built in 2013, it has long been included in the transformation plan. Earlier this year preparatory work has been completed and environmental transformation has entered the bidding process in mid-October to start construction, completed renovation project at the end of December.