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Put into use new multimedia exhibition is to create a precedent for technological gas boiler display, 360 ° holographic projection, fly screen interaction, interactive sliding screen, multi-radar means touch, smart models, the integration of virtual and reality, really appreciate rapid technology advancement in the field of party.

Boiler installation before you need to do preparatory work boiler to provide steam and hot water for daily life or industrial production equipment, after the purchase of a good business model will need to consider boiler installation, boiler installation is directly related to the smooth functioning of important boiler step, in addition to a host of auxiliary installation, also need to pay attention to the preparatory work before installation. 1, for gas boiler installation Registration: According to the "Steam Boiler Safety Supervision Regulations" provides boiler units should use one by one to register. Boiler unit boiler installation work should be specifically responsible, responsible to get in touch with the local supervisory bodies boiler, installation fill this book. Fireman when they need to participate in the boiler installation, and with a plumber, fitter, rigger, cold work, and welders and helpers. 2, to determine the qualifications of boiler installation site and determine the installation location, boiler installation unit must be installed in line with qualifications boiler installation range of the higher authorities issued. 3, check the boiler and accessories: front, gas-fired boiler installation works deal with combustion equipment, parts, boiler auxiliary natural gas, inspection and acceptance by drawing attachment, make a record, is found not to comply with the relevant standards should be made to the factory . Preparation of boiler installation and construction is particularly critical, adequate preparation boiler is the fundamental guarantee smooth production standards, preparatory work for a successful conclusion to this part of the work is closely related to each stage inseparable.

In the absence of determining the type of boiler auxiliary equipment configuration, manufacturers are unable to determine the exact quote boiler. Therefore, users in the boiler price consulting, pre-sales consultants will ask the basic situation of the boiler project, such as which industry is (to determine the boiler pressure), with the region in which (taking into account local environmental policy), when to use (delivery) etc., to determine the selection of the boiler and user requirements, we can provide users make a reasonable offer boiler.

Gas boiler has a major role in gas boiler automatic protection is provided for people living, working in a variety of energy needs. However, when using only high quality gas boilers to be able to meet people's needs, so when choosing a gas boiler should be possible to find high quality gas boilers make a purchase, then what quality standard products is it? 1, the first high-quality products have to be produced by professional manufacturers, so the quality can only be guaranteed. After that, for the quality it should have a gas boiler In my protection, so use the time to be able to be more secure. 2, when using gas-fired boiler is very easy because of some people's negligence led to the accident, such a thing, while small but still exists. Therefore, when buying gas boiler should be looking for some gas boiler with automatic protection function to make a purchase, so even when in use because the user's negligence and will not lead to any great loss. Now a lot of high-quality gas boiler has a self-protection, the most important thing is to have any problems at the time can be automatically disconnect the power. After disconnecting the power supply to be able to ensure the safety of gas-fired boiler will not suffer any damage, as if to say when the internal over-temperature or when the gas boiler overpressure, it will automatically disconnect the power, in order to ensure gas-fired boiler Safety.