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karachi pimsat norts power plant

After many trials and tests, a great change has occurred on the one-piece design condensing gas karachi pimsat norts power plant. Taking into account the fuel for combustion, the furnace larger design space, the heating surface and more abundant. Compared with the traditional design of the structure of an ordinary gas boiler, fuel combustion in the furnace is more uniform, more heat removal, a higher utilization rate.

We produce steam karachi pimsat norts power plant is a very important part of the device, this provides a quick way to our gas steam boiler, after use, we found an excellent energy-saving effect boilers, flue gas discharge temperature is lower than the previous boiler equipment many, in line with national environmental provisions of the boiler equipment. --customer feedback

The role and principles karachi pimsat norts power plant deaerator? Deaerator head type and there is no sub-head type deaerator, generally matching the boiler deaerator has a head type, large unit 1000t / h or more no-column type deaerator.

Introduction of fuel gas-fired karachi pimsat norts power plant: fuel gas-fired boiler, by definition refers not only fuel but also gas boiler. Previously no such dual-fuel boiler, burner because either fuel or gas, no dual fuel burners. With the rapid development of the world energy equipment, some European countries begin production and sales of fuel gas burner, dual fuel burner and boiler combination of organic birth of a new breed of boiler - fuel gas-fired boiler.