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used 10 hp steam boiler

WNS series condensing gas boiler, which is very energy-saving effect is prominent feature of saving two devices arranged on the boiler, are ND steel, energy-saving effect, low exhaust gas temperature employed.

PM2.5 is frequently mentioned in recent years, and its main premise was that the formation of NOx, according to the latest research results show in Beijing, PM2.5 and NOx emissions due to the formation of more than 50% of the total proportion of PM2.5. Because of a large area of ​​coal to gas projects in recent years, the country's use of gas-fired boiler more than 50 million units in the Beijing area, gas boiler emissions will soon exceed the vehicle, as the primary sources of NOx in Beijing, so Beijing EPA first proposed the strict NOx emission standards: Beijing new boiler to perform emission limit of 30 mg / standard cubic meter for boilers with high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, the implementation of emission limit 80 mg / standard cubic meter . The standard is much higher than the European emission standards for boilers, to the world's most demanding emissions standards in Southern California to move closer to the boiler.

First, the exhaust gas temperature decreases, the boiler flue gas heat loss is also reduced. Since the heat loss is the main gas boiler heat loss, thus reducing heat loss from the boiler efficiency will increase.

Daily use of gas-fired boilers is mainly used in winter heating, maintenance to pay attention to the smooth flow of flue gas and air leakage phenomenon. These tasks are simple, but many families forget to maintain gas-fired boilers or never think about gas-fired boilers. This will seriously affect the service life of gas-fired boilers and even more serious problems.