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steam boiler technology

Shanxi Province to continue to improve and protect the environment, prevention of air pollution, with "Environmental Protection Law of People's Republic of China", "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law" and other relevant laws, introduced the "Shanxi Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act" ((hereinafter referred to as " regulations ").

"Regulation" is mentioned, Shanxi coal consumption will implement the total control system, and gradually adjust the energy structure, reduce the proportion of coal in primary energy consumption. Provincial People's Government will work with the energy department in charge of relevant departments, according to the needs of economic development, social and environmental carrying capacity of resources, the development of the region's total coal consumption control target.

First, governments at all levels to limit sulfur points, high ash coal mining. New coal mines should simultaneously supporting the construction of coal washing facilities, so that the coal sulfur content, ash content meet the required standards. Have been built in addition to the mining of coal mine belonging to low-sulfur, low-ash or coal-fired power plants have been in accordance with the requirements of discharge standards do not need washing outside, it should be a deadline for the completion of supporting coal washing facilities. When coal, gangue, coal cinder, coal ash and other materials, should take fire and dust prevention measures to prevent air pollution.

Second, the coal-fired power companies, coking, and other steel companies use coal shall clean production processes, supporting construction dust removal, desulfurization, denitrification device to reduce the generation and emission of atmospheric pollutants.

Third, the city government should promote cogeneration and district heating coal heating in the region. In the central heating pipe network coverage area, prohibit new construction, renovation, expansion scattered coal-fired heating boilers, central heating pipe network coverage prior to the completion of use of scattered coal-fired and coal-fired heating boilers have been built can not discharge standards heating boilers, should be demolished within the prescribed period the city government.

Fourth, the Municipal People's Government shall be divided into districts to improve the quality of atmospheric environment in accordance with requirements, it will be designated urban area to ban coal region, and gradually expand. County (city, district) people's government can scoping ban on coal zone in accordance with the actual situation. Delineation ban on coal zone should consider the needs of life of local residents. In addition to coal coal ban areas, central heating and raw material coal companies, prohibit the storage, distribution and burning of coal and its products.

Fifth, governments at all levels should strengthen the management of civil bulk coal. Prohibit the sale, does not meet the civil standard of quality coal for coal, lignite ban, coal washing, slime and other low-quality coal use low-quality coal as a civilian.

Fuel gas-fired boiler fuel gas burner operating method Burner method of operation! Consistent body oil-fired boiler and gas boiler, supporting auxiliary equipment is probably the same, the choice of different burners. Selection based on oil-fired boiler and burner gas-fired boiler: the heat value of the fuel, the fuel composition ratio of each component. (A) Fuel Burner: ① the power switch on the main power; ② start switch is pressed, the burner motor starts i.e., spark ignition electrode, after the pre-blowing time of about 7 seconds, i.e., the solenoid valve to automatically open the nozzle mist discharge, a flame after ignition spark. At this time, the photoelectrode and then stopped 15 seconds delay ignition, the burner into the normal working; ③ If the ignition is not successful, the flame is not formed, or photovoltaic systems fail to sense flame brightness, after a safety time of about 25 seconds, the alarm system operation, the cutting burner startup procedures, failure red light. ④ The red light failure, the subject 3min before pressing resume button to restart the burner; ⑤ damper position should match the size of the nozzle, has generally been adjusted at the factory, but with different pressure generated in the furnace difference is adjusted until the burner flames, the mixture was adjusted to align the air flow duct, the air volume is too small will produce smoke, excessive wind will blow out the flame, the flame stabilizer generally is not appropriate for the black smoke. (Ii) Gas Burner: main switch is turned on and the temperature control switch, power transmission to the control box, a valve is opened through short "self-test" after the waiting time, the controller starts up the burner, the combustion gas from the head discharge gas is ignited, a flame, a flame to a flame probe probe, the flame continues to burn and ignition stage to complete the operation. If the ignition failure or malfunction middle fire, gas solenoid valve will close within one second. Red button on the controller will be shiny surface intentionally "locking" To unlock the reset button is pressed, the red light off to start again. After successful ignition of the burner, adjust damper position of the burner head and gas flow to the burner well and meet the load requirements. Fuel gas-fired boiler burner configuration wide variety of brands, users must be carefully chosen, select the appropriate type and brand. The same type of fuel gas steam boiler technology and hot water boiler burner model configuration is slightly different!

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Take you into the fast boiler - smoke box making

Smoke box is one of the important components of the horizontal boiler, belonging to the unique structure fire tube boiler, is a "swivel flue box." High temperature flue gas flow in the body in the furnace to increase the flow length of the heating surface, without occupying too large area heating surface needs to be designed in a plurality of backhaul collapsible structure, resulting smoke box. Smoke box should have a good thermal insulation, fire resistance, use of safety features.