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7. Heating and hot water supply in schools, dormitories, hotels, etc. cannot be separated from the use of boilers.

8. Other industries: such as greenhouse cultivation, aquaculture industry

Use gas hot water boiler Three significance with the rapid economic development, continues to introduce new hot water boiler equipment, major small and medium enterprises have to change the thinking, chose to use gas hot water boiler instead of ordinary boilers, because gas-fired boiler with environmental protection, operational safety, energy saving, intelligent control features, depending on the user equipment using gas hot water boiler for the state and the company, the community, are of very great significance, mainly in three aspects: 1 green energy - help people in recent years, the survival of a large variety of toxic gas emissions harmful to the human body produce more and more likely to lead to sick people growing number of users for the use of boiler production, the use of gas hot water boiler equipment to be the best environmental way, only we are beginning to pay attention to environmental protection in order to protect the environment, thereby creating an ecological environment for human habitation. 2. Push the boiler industry with technological change, the increasing popularity of gas hot water boiler equipment, boiler equipment user ever higher demands, which prompted manufacturers to invest more human and financial resources in research and development, in order to continue to improve existing processes, and develop more types of devices that meet market demand. 3. To improve the competitiveness of products - inexpensive in order to meet the diverse needs of the market, with the production process of continuous improvement, gas hot water boiler manufacturers will continue to introduce new equipment more competitive each year, with the gas hot water boiler manufacturers increased competition boiler equipment market began transformed into price wars, a quotation from the network issued a relevant recommendation is not difficult to see that all manufacturers price war is still continuing, user self-heating in this bidding war was the last to benefit person - can be more affordable to buy the gas hot water boiler through lower prices. Complete category gas hot water boiler plant growing popularity, great people to ensure that the living environment of harmful gases is not excessive, especially pure imported burner, the higher its environmental index will help enterprises towards the positive direction , with the increase of manufacturers, product prices are more close to the people. As technology continues to improve, gas hot water boiler will bring a more far-reaching significance for the human, social and environmental.

Corrosion boiler water wall Analysis and Solution: For boilers, corrosion will directly or indirectly affect the life of the boiler. One of the main factors of high temperature corrosion of boiler water wall is seriously affecting the safe operation of the unit, solve the problem of water wall high temperature corrosion of boiler operation has a good long-term stability of the practical benefits. Many membrane wall by the rolled boiler water wall tube spot welding the fins to each other, making a combination heating surface sealing, can improve the air tightness of the furnace, reduced leakage, but also better protecting the furnace wall, the furnace wall reduce the weight, simplifying the structure.

Recently, we learned, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province to speed up the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion, gas-fired, Zhangbei County Environmental Protection Agency issued the "Notice on nitrogen oxide gas boiler governance", the transformation of the way around the gas boiler, the transformation of technology formalities to conduct a comprehensive explanation of propaganda, mobilization of Zhangbei above a certain size gas boiler units to actively participate in low-nitrogen transformation.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of work, the EPA developed a grasp of leadership, and a series of regular briefings on the system, arrange for the transformation of real-time tracking progress, personally led by the leaders in charge of the transformation of the construction-site supervision, to solve various problems during installation accelerate the transformation progress of the project. To date, more than 10 tons of steam Zhangbei natural gas boilers have been completed the transformation and detection of nitrogen oxide emissions, emission concentration all the stabilizing reached 30mg / m³ or less, over-done.

To protect the subsequent reconstruction work in depth, Zhangbei County township organization, the relevant units of the county with a comprehensive Mo Pai, gas-fired, gas-fired boilers for each specific model boiler unit, whether used and other basic information has been verified, the establishment improve the work ledger; to ensure that the base number is accurate, targeted work, Zhangbei arrange strengthen docking with the gas company, promptly verify the perfect new gas boiler archives, ensure the follow-up task of transformation clear, exhaustive renovation project. At the same time, combined with the actual development of the Zhangbei gas boiler compliance programs to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive promotion of this work next year.