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g boiler bangladesh

Less-wear: almost no wear and tear on industrial CFB steam g boiler bangladesh heating surface, and long service period

Power-saving: with pressure head, roots blower, reducing the power consumption of fans

One condensing gas g boiler bangladesh is condensed using more advanced technology, a condenser disposed in the flue tail, the high temperature latent heat of the flue gas re-absorption, can improve the thermal efficiency of 15%. Conventional thermal efficiency of the gas boiler is generally about 90%, thermal efficiency of the integrated condensing gas boiler can reach 105%.

One clients left a message online, he wanted to know the price of 6 ton natural gas fired steam g boiler bangladesh, one set, Philippines. Then, our sales manager phoned him by the number that he left. Our clients told us that, he works in a beverage factory, and their factory plans to replace the old boiler, which serves for 6 years.

AMD Power were to buy 10 tons of steam and one 4 tons of steam condensing steam g boiler bangladesh fuel gas from the company for cell processing company production and construction. From the analysis of the demand to the boiler factory, by the company solely responsible for AMD Power fully demonstrated the company's confidence in me, the smooth progress of bilateral cooperation.