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Boiler capacity and power generation

銆€銆€There is always a misconception that the power plant boiler capacity is actually the amount of electricity generated. This is not true. In general, boiler capacity has a certain relationship with power generation. Here is a formula: capacity (t/h) x 0.7x boiler power generation efficiency (typically 30 ~ 40%) = power generation (MW). Assume that the boiler power generation efficiency is 0.3, 25 (t/h) X 0.7X 0.3 = 5, that is, a 5 MW unit with a 25 ton boiler is sufficient.

Boiler welding, Why a T-joint, do not use pull side welding? The connection 3.7.2T-junction "technology to monitor the autoclave suppliers in china safety regulations" TSGG0001-2012: not greater than the rated working pressure of 2.5MPa and a horizontal tubular boiler combustion boilers, flue gas temperature of the working environment is less than the pressure receiving member 600 ℃ connection, when the following conditions may be employed butt T-junction using the connection but not lap joint: 1, the weld joint type using full penetration, and the machined groove; 2, horizontal boiler combustion boiler shell, the furnace tube plate and connected to the cylinder insert structure should be used; 3, T-shaped joint connection site weld thickness is not less than the wall thickness of the tube plate, and which can be sealed back seam welded portion should seal welded, not welding portion can be sealed welding backing should be used, and to ensure penetration; 4, the weld joints connecting portion of the T-shaped ultrasonic testing according NB / T47013 "nondestructive Testing pressure equipment" the relevant requirements.

It describes three kinds of hot water autoclave suppliers in china and understanding of: the type of boiler, the following will be involved, as this is mainly a hot water boiler, so for us, but also by learning new knowledge, to learn more about the boiler, and make yourself a lot of benefit. Therefore, I hope you take seriously and carry on, do not give in vain wasted. 1. The hot water boiler drum type, which is a kind of boiler? Hot water boiler drum type, its initial stage is to transform steam boilers obtained. Its boiler water, natural circulation is carried out in the boiler. However, in order to ensure safe and reliable boiler water circulation, so in height, there is a certain requirement. Thereby resulting in volume, but also an increase in the. 2. hot water boiler with natural circulation if it is, then what is the specific arrangement there? Hot water boiler, if it uses natural circulation, then the particular arrangement, is as follows: the boiler inlet and outlet, are taken over from the top of the drum, by the water introduced into the water prior to dispensing tube side and lower header. Through the waterwall tubes, for heating rises. Further, the front end of the drum, is also provided with impermeable sheet, its main function, the lower half of the drum cross section cut off points.

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