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Condensing steam boiler when the device Sheung Shui should pay attention to what energy saving condensing steam boiler strong tolerance on the use and therefore can be subject to public enterprises of all ages, has become a popular product in a large boiler boiler products. Condensing steam boiler thermal wear is the need to produce large amounts of steam through the water, and therefore need to inject large amounts of water to the device in operation, because the equipment is very strict on the Sheung Shui operation must be typed and operations to normal use, condensation Look steam boiler plant matter hereinafter to the device to be noted Sheung small series about: 1 matters: selecting applicable boiler water quality due to the different properties of the different water quality in the use of precipitated material and presented, in order to prolong device condensing steam boiler reduce the service life of the furnace to produce precipitation, water quality and therefore the use of certain requirements and can choose the applicable water quality in order to improve the life of the boiler and reduces the boiler generates a large amount of scale. There are certain requirements for water not just one property which water can be used, in order to effectively protect the life of the boiler's good to pay attention to the selection of applicable water quality requirements, and the water used shall be qualified and tested after the treatment soft water, so as not to generate a lot of long-term accumulation of dirt caused by the effects of pollution in the boiler quality. 2 issues: control the use of water in the boiler steam condensing boiler operation process water temperature control has an associated standard, users should pay attention to control the temperature within the standard range in order to achieve good use does not appear abnormal, excessive temperature will so that the whole device appears highly inflated tube will cause water leakage, the water temperature is too low will make steam production is not up to normal use than enterprise. Matters 3: injecting water level on a standard water level in the steam boiler into the condensing water added should also pay attention to see the water level standards, can not exceed the height of the water line to ensure safety in the use of, and more than the water level will not only result in waste and it also causes swelling within the device, when the water level to limit the expansion will cause water overflow out of wasteful and even reduce equipment life. The above is small as we are about matters of condensing steam boiler when the device Sheung Shui should be noted that, in addition to changes in water level after these, users need to look at Sheung Shui, once the water level sinking phenomenon may be condensed steam boiler water leakage, it is necessary to check welds and timely closure of the entire boiler, in order to be able to purchase high reliability boiler can understand the "condensing steam boiler Which trustworthy", to ensure a more effective use of the quality of the boiler.

When we use the gas boiler cleaning and maintenance is very important that we first open the burner door in the use of gas-fired boiler, remove the rear housing panel, tighten the screws to open the rear side of the boiler clean mouth. Clean fuel gas piping with a wire brush. With a soft brush to clean the combustion chamber. Gas boiler to remove residue in the boiler, the cleaning opening is screwed on the screw, closing the burner door seal check is complete. If the boiler is installed in areas where temperatures below 0 ℃ must take the following precautions: If outside the boiler room, the room temperature drops below 15 ℃ or 18 ℃, the whole day operation of the boiler. If a long time no one in the room should be emptied of water in the boiler. You know cathodic protection of each member constituting the boiler (such as iron, copper, aluminum, etc.) of different materials. In order to prevent galvanic corrosion, cathodic protection measures must be taken. Sewage treatment boiler. The bottom of the gas-fired boiler flue gas emissions to prevent condensation. Since the flue gas is flue gas condensation (diesel or natural gas) and the flue gas temperature in the aqueous too low, water generated. A portion of the moisture is discharged from the chimney, the chimney wall is absorbed, the rest is deposited on the bottom of the chimney. Water produced by the following factors influence: flue gas temperature (efficiency 91%, the flue gas must be at a temperature of 170 ℃) where the total surface area heat chimney, chimney and chimney material. Maintenance of the burner. Gas boiler and burner maintenance, the best maintenance after steam supply. Because the products of combustion will corrode the boiler, clean up carbon deposits, therefore, not allow the products of combustion in the boiler memory stay too long.

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