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Standard gas boiler flue gas temperature, the abnormal temperature rise control method of treatment and a heat loss, the temperature of exhaust gas boiler 1. The state does not require a standard exhaust gas temperature, but there is a predetermined low efficiency. 2, the boiler exhaust gas at high temperature of about 120-180 degrees, the higher the exhaust gas temperature is low boiler efficiency. 3, the non-condensable exhaust gas temperature 180 degrees in the art (GB shall not less than 110 degrees) and a thermal energy conversion efficiency of the exhaust gas temperature, but also on the air coefficient and so on. Second, what factors will lead to gas-fired boiler flue gas temperature rises, there is a high gas-fired boiler flue gas temperature problems during use, gas-fired boiler flue gas temperature high will reduce the thermal efficiency of the boiler, in order to solve the exhaust gas temperature excessive problems, to understand the reasons for the high temperature exhaust gas boiler? is caused by the high temperature exhaust gas boiler does what reason? 1, the heated area ash, slagging. Heat Surface Slag cause heat deterioration, deterioration of the cooling effect of the flue gas, the exhaust gas temperature. 2, when the excess air ratio and gas boiler leakage coefficient is too large, excess air increases with the same impact. 3, gas boiler feed water temperature rises. Economizer heat transfer temperature difference decreases the exhaust gas temperature rises. 4, the fuel property. When the fuel is added water, the amount of flue gas increases, the exhaust gas temperature rises. Low volatile fuels, high ash content, so that delayed ignition, the exhaust gas temperature rises. 5, combustion and air distribution mode. Combustion air distribution mode change, the furnace may lead to shift the center of the flame, the exhaust gas temperature rises. 6, when the gas boiler furnace negative pressure is too large, the smoke quicker, increase the coefficient of air leakage, the exhaust gas temperature. 7, bottom seal gas boiler water interrupted, leakage increases and the shift of the center of the flame, the exhaust gas temperature. To understand the reasons for the high temperature exhaust gas boiler, the reason to start to solve the problem of high boiler flue gas temperature, thereby increasing the thermal efficiency of the boiler. Third, the high temperature exhaust gas boiler solution 1, see the burner power with power boiler match. Burner power is too large, the transfer of small gas flow on the line. 2, check the wind volume is too large. Adjusting the amount of the wind, the oxygen content of the combustion ratio at a reasonable gas boiler the exhaust gas temperature decreases, combustion energy. Fourth, an effective method of controlling exhaust gas heat losses of the boiler size, flue gas heat loss factors determines the size of the three: the exhaust gas temperature, excess air coefficient, and the cold air temperature. Wherein the excess air ratio of gas boiler is a major factor. Excess air ratio is too large is a large waste. A lot of cold air into the furnace, reducing the furnace temperature, combustion conditions become unstable, but also increases the flue gas volume, increased heat losses. Calculations show that when the excess air ratio is increased to 3.0 from 2.0, heat losses to 4.5%. While increasing the drum Fan burden, so power consumption increases. In order to improve the gas boiler thermal efficiency, we must pay attention to and raise awareness of the serious dangers for the high excess air ratio caused by combustion in the regulation strictly control the excess air ratio, the key to avoiding excess air furnace is reasonable with the wind and with adapted to monitor control. Monitoring means are CO2 or O2 content measurement method for measuring oxygen gas boiler is usually carried out, because the combustion of gas boiler a slight positive pressure, the seal is easy to solve the problem, the oxygen content is measured more accurately reflect the excess air coefficient values. Oxygen measurement techniques now commonly used zirconia-type oxygen analyzer constant temperature, continuous on-line measurement of the oxygen content of the flue gas. The flue gas oxygen content as a reference, the correct air-fuel ratio adjustment, a low oxygen combustion. About an effective method of controlling the size of the exhaust gas boiler heat loss, current advanced technology to automatically adjust the combustion process of oxygen combustion of PLD, followed by fine-tuning "two" that the throttle damper, to ensure normal combustion, black smoke, excess air ratio as small as possible, usually to achieve the above two points, the excess air ratio is close to the threshold. The current new generation of gas-fired boiler has been relatively safe, if you want to understand the use of gas-fired boiler, price, type and other information, please contact us.

Recently, the National Energy Board, the Department of Ecology Environment issued "on the issuance of 2018, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of coal ultra-low emissions and energy-saving targets and tasks" (the "Notice"), called on all localities continued to do over coal low-emission and energy-saving, and promote the development of clean and efficient coal. Ultra-low emissions and to promote energy-saving work in the country has been more than two years, has been established to complete the task of transformation in the eastern provinces, the transformation of the focus shifted to the central and western regions, while the transformation of scope as technology advances and the increasing demand for policy gradually extended.

Under the "notice" requirement, this year nationwide, ultra-low emissions coal power reform objectives and tasks a total of 48.68 million kilowatts, energy-saving goal is to reach 53.905 million kilowatts. In 2016, the capacity of the units involved in the transformation of two to 254.36 million kilowatts, respectively, and 189.4 million kilowatts, good reform bear fruit.

President of the State Power Environmental Protection Research Institute Zhu France and China, said: "By the end of last year, a nationwide ultra-low emissions transformation target task completion rate has reached 71%," ultra-low emissions coal and transformation better, the eastern region has been basically completed, part central provinces ahead of the completion of the task of transformation.

In 2015, the former Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued "the full implementation of ultra-low emissions and energy-saving programs of work-fired power plant", requires the completion of the eastern part of the overall transformation of ultra-low emissions before the end of 2017, the central region and strive in 2018 years basically completed, the completion of the western region in 2020. "2018 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of coal ultra-low emissions and energy-saving task summary table" (hereinafter referred to as "transformation task list") shows that the eastern provinces have been basically completed the transformation of ultra-low emissions, not published this year transformation capacity unit task. But it is located in the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Province, still issued 1.4 million kilowatts ultra-low emissions and energy-saving renovation target of 900,000 kilowatts.

Zhu France and China, said, "in accordance with the requirements of 2015, Jiangsu has completed the ultra-low emissions and energy-saving target in 2017. However, the new policy will be more units into the transformation range, Jiangsu this year, there is still the task of transformation. In June, the State Council issued a "winning blue sky battle three-year action plan" (hereinafter referred to as "three-year action plan"), required by the end of 2020, more than 65 tons of steam key areas of coal-fired boilers have completed ultra-low emissions and energy-saving. "

It is understood that "three-year action plan" prior to the implementation of energy-saving and environmental protection requirements only for the reconstruction of more than 300,000 kilowatts of conventional units, more than 100,000 kilowatts of power plant owned units. "According to the existing requirements, including Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta region and Fenwei plains, including the key areas, more than 65 tons of steam boilers are also included in the scope of the transformation will involve part of 100,000 kilowatts or less captive power plant units and industrial boilers. "Zhu France and China, said," "three-year action plan" in addition to the deadline of 2020, does not provide a specific timetable for the task. Next, the key areas are the provinces in accordance with the requirements of more units, boiler transformation. "

"Task of transformation" table displays, ultra-low emissions transformation capacity this year, mainly in the western region of Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and so on. In the trend of ultra-low emissions overall speed of the transformation, central Shanxi, Anhui, Henan and other provinces in the region have been completed ahead of the transformation target ultra-low emissions, but energy-saving task still more arduous. Among them, Henan Province this year, energy-saving target capacity of 10.8 million kilowatts, Hunan has reached 9.995 million kilowatts.

Since the ultra-low emission transformation involves the emission of pollutants and other environmental problems, caused by the high social concern. In contrast, concern about energy-saving electric power mainly from the enterprises themselves. Zhu France and China, told reporters, on the one hand is the national energy saving policy requirements, on the other hand also in line with the needs of enterprises to reduce their own costs. At present coal prices continued to run high, coal companies operating pressure, reduce production costs even more urgent demand.

In 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission, the former Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Energy Board issued "coal upgrading and transformation of energy saving action plan (2014-2020 years)", for energy-saving technology roadmap active coal-fired power units were enumerated, involving the master each link auxiliary equipment, environmental protection equipment and a total of 20 reform measures, in addition to "subcritical unit transformed into ultra (ultra) supercritical units", the rest of the technology have already matured.

In recent years, along with tighter environmental requirements, provide renovation and operation and maintenance services to the rapid development of environmental protection industry. In particular third-party environmental companies, with technical, cost and other advantages, occupy a certain share of power generation enterprise environmental transformation market. But a power industry experts said, is very difficult third-party independent companies to enter the field of environmental protection energy-saving power plant.

"Ultra-low emission increase in the transformation of the original system is new equipment, energy-saving and optimized for major transformation of existing equipment, and boiler plant, steam turbine plant than environmental protection enterprises to understand their own devices." The expert said, "Not only that as systems engineering, energy-efficient coal-fired units involved in the whole process of production, and plant operation economy, is closely related to security, not easily open to third-party companies. third-party companies to enter the energy-saving environmental protection than to enter the market face greater pressure."

Once in the Northeast somewhere boiler shell explosion, 0.35 tons of small boilers, flying more than one hundred meters after falling into the wilderness, the boiler room was Zhata, factory direct scrapped, the number of casualties is even more.

Double drum horizontal water tube boiler

ZG well-designed and produced double drum horizontal water-tube boiler adopts the vertical design of the upper and lower double drums and has a compact structure and a small footprint. what is more,Double drum horizontal water tube boiler has large heating surface area and high thermal efficiency. The boiler body adopts various advanced technologies and the boiler operation is safe and efficient. The outer layer of the boiler adopts a press shield, which is beautiful and generous. According to product series, models, parameters , are widely used in different applications. Such as can be used for power generation, central heating, industrial steam and hot water supply. ZG different series of double drum horizontal boilers have their own characteristics, can quickly provide different customers with satisfactory products and services.