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advanced control platform boilers

Traditionally, the coal ignition temperature in CFB advanced control platform boilerss is estimated from experience with little theoretical basis and relatively large uncertainties in the estimates. These uncertainties result in operating difficulties and economic loses. For example, if the coal is fed into a furnace at a temperature lower than, the coal will not burn and the furnace temperature will decrease even more. Once the fuel concentration and temperature in the furnace reach the critical conditions, the mixture will flash and the furnace temperature will suddenly increase which leads to control problems. Feeding the coal in the furnace at temperatures higher than is safer but costs more start up time and fuel. Laboratory scale fluidized beds are often used to measure the coal ignition temperature in CFB boilers, based on the criteria such as the flame and spark characteristics, bed temperature response and oxygen response.The coal ignition temperaturein, in fluidized beds boilers is not only a function of the physical and chemical properties of the coal, but is also influenced by the heating rate, the boiler structure, the fluidization velocity and the particle size as well. Therefore, a set of standard operating conditions was specified for the measurements of the coal ignition temperature,in a laboratory scale fluidized bed boiler. This article described a standard for measuring the coal ignition temperature with typical results in a laboratory scale fluidized bed with under-bed preheat system. The tests measured for seven coal types were compared with the actual feed temperatures, in real CFB boilers in China at various loads. The temperature differences between measured in the laboratory fluidized bed and measured in the real CFB boilers for the various types of coal were plotted against the proximate analysis of the coal to estimate the lowest feed temperature in real CFB boilers.

This time we signed with Zhejiang Jiang Huashi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation agreement to provide a 2 tons portable gas pressure hot water advanced control platform boilers for urban pipeline construction. Zhe Jiang Huashi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of urban pipeline construction and maintenance, pollution investigation and control, intelligence network data analysis, geographic information detecting an integrated enterprise. Over the years committed to the development of urban green ground healthy construction and underground intelligence operations.

ZG manufacture Circulating Fluidized Bed Steam/ Hot water Boiler for sale in Ukraine, with capacity upto 300 ton, CFB advanced control platform boilers applications have widely such as power plant, slat plant, Heating.

The category of industry is relatively complete but the development of the industries is not balance in Mexico.Manufacturing industry occupies an important position.Many construction factory, textile mill, garment plant industry began to recover gradually and Transportation equipment, cement, chemicals, electric power industry keep growing.So advanced control platform boilers become more and more important with the development of the industries in Mexico.