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This time we signed with Zhejiang Jiang Huashi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. strategic cooperation agreement to provide a 2 tons portable gas pressure hot water boiler for urban pipeline construction. Zhe Jiang Huashi Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of urban pipeline construction and maintenance, pollution investigation and control, intelligence network data analysis, geographic information detecting an integrated enterprise. Over the years committed to the development of urban green ground healthy construction and underground intelligence operations.

Henan Boiler Plant: The focus of the boiler, you know? Boiler is now very common, focused on the boiler, you know? 1. technical strength, especially in the core of the transformation of the professional level of technology, one is from the strength of the technical staff, on the other hand from equipment and workshop to build. Boiler both advanced technical personnel strength or equipment, are very strict, boiler plant in Henan suggest that you look at the technical level source core staff and equipment of the brand. 2 years of experience, I believe we all know, the boiler is to have a wealth of technical experience and development experience as solid support, Henan boiler plant so we have to conduct site visits by the professional brand transformation workshop boiler. 3. Service transform the face of such a technology of boilers to have a better service system to protect our interests in all aspects. This service system can exist in our entire boiler and the actual use of stability and security have a very good sense of security. All in all, the majority of consumers in the choice of boiler manufacturers of the time, a lot of attention to their professional level of employees and equipment investment, through field trips to visit, to conduct a comprehensive understanding of the transformation of the boiler manufacturers, find a suitable boiler service providers.

Why one condensing boilers using two return structure? 1, the third heat exchanger return tube small share of smoke, while the manufacturing cost is high; 2, is arranged as a third return pipe tobacco, the boiler shell diameter increases, the manufacturing cost increases; 3, the third return pipe tobacco external heating surface arranged in the form of low manufacturing cost, easy to implement and good heat transfer.

Fast wns side boiler fast wns advantages square boiler technology core (1) housing a high thickness compared with the conventional package boiler, boiler housing insulation effect has been greatly improved condensed steam, the boiler 2mm thick printing plate, and insulation felt and wool and aluminum silicate composition are combined. (2) water level detected by the addition of 5 low water level is detected directly inside the protective tube boiler water level, greatly improving the reliability level detection system. Detecting the differential pressure level, forming multi-level protection system (3) adding a low water level detection means detecting the scale drum inner protection, can close the boiler water shortage alarm processing and to ensure the safe operation of the boiler; outer alarm level, the differential pressure constituting a plurality of water level detecting levels of protection systems. (4) automatic operation, ease of operation and the automatic fire detection automatic adjustment control of the combustion flame can be achieved, the inlet temperature of the boiler can be displayed directly to the condenser, direct knowledge of temperature, current level and other operating parameters. Flue gas monitoring means to automatically detect the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler, the boiler combustion control easier. Advantages Fast wns boiler side - side core technical features fast wns finned tube boiler: the heat exchange tubes with fins, the heat transfer tubes heated area increases, the efficiency of using the aluminum compound to improve heat transfer material, reduce corrosion damage. Fine grinding tube surface, contact heat resistance is low, waste heat generated by friction to reduce heat transfer tubes of high stability, easy to wear and prolong the service life characteristics controllers: Advanced mainly reflected in: processing units belonging to rely on other, now custom processing equipment, processing data by testing internal waves bile. Before processing, a line should be drawn from different waves of contraction to be increased correspondingly, the position of the processing line. First, the first wave was heated to 700 ℃ ~ 750 ℃, and then to a top wheel through. After molding, the size should be tested and refined appearance amounts, on the side to be cut according to the size of the drawing after passing. There are two sets of equipment. The device uses the principle of local heating and rolling, rather than the traditional corrugated press furnace. It has fewer molds, precise dimensional control, easy operation, a wide range of advantages workpiece.