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Condensing 4t condensing boiler industrial estonias to buy four issues introduced! Condensing boiler as the new darling of the new era, as opposed to ordinary gas boiler, it is not only efficient and more environmentally friendly, more and more sought after by everyone, especially for large size house is very beneficial. But many people are not familiar with condensing boilers for daily purchase often encounter the following four major issues, we now take a look at it. 1, the area is not all units are suitable for installation of the condensing boiler? Condensing boiler top-ranking company Company: home improvement applications, for only about fifties square meter apartment, it also suitable for installation condensing boiler? This may be a false proposition, but the fact is some heating company "comprehensive" sell condensing boiler, regardless of the size of apartment owners, this cost-effective account changing, so this is we need to analyze specific issues are. 2, the premix is ​​not necessarily much better than the secondary condensing heat exchanger? Many in the industry have a secondary heat exchanger condensing furnace scoffed, calling it "false condensation", but warm cubic noted that secondary condensing heat exchanger efficiency is more than 100%, belongs to the category of energy efficiency, but the overall thermal efficiency than the full premixed low a few points. 3, it is not just any company can install condensing furnace? Is not a conventional boiler and installation, as any company can without professional training on the installation of condensing furnaces it, condensing furnace installation, post-maintenance, maintenance of what are different, buy boilers, pay attention to manufacturers, industry bodies are there supporting the training or evaluation or certification system, when we choose a condensing boiler company, we are to consider these points. 4, why so many condensing boilers more expensive than a conventional boiler? Price condensing boiler almost every HVAC company's biggest obstacle in the promotion, total view of the current market, almost all brands of premix condensing boiler furnace than the conventional market price of expensive, where are you in this? Or that question, your initial cost and maintenance cost, is not all house area, all the habits and conditions, can recover the cost of expensive, depending on the price list condensing boilers companies the choice of owners, it is the country "energy saving" made a great contribution. The above is an optional four difficulty condensing boilers often met in everyday life, hope can help to you in life. In fact, regardless of whether the installation is in life, condensing boilers or will other things, many times we need to meet their own reality, in order to select the more effective side, remember herd mentality, blindly follow the trend.

Harbin Ecological Environment Agency announced plans to complete this year, Harbin more than 65 tons of steam coal-fired 4t condensing boiler industrial estonia soot ultra-low emissions and transform 140 units, ultra-low emissions of sulfur dioxide coordination to complete the transformation of 51 units, ultra-low emissions of nitrogen oxide transformation 20. Currently, the transformation plan has been, is being gradually start building renovation project.

Harbin nine districts built-up area and more than 65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers totaling 156 units, according to the national, provincial requirements, before the end of 2020 to complete the transformation of ultra-low emission. By the end of 2018, it has completed the transformation of ultra-low emissions to 16, and the remaining 140 units planned to complete the 2020 pre-season heating. This year's program priorities ultra-low emissions of soot complete transformation of 140 units, ultra-low emissions of sulfur dioxide coordination to complete the transformation of 51 units, ultra-low emissions of nitrogen oxide transformation 20; completed 2020 pre-season heating boilers remaining sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide pollutants over low-emission transformation. Up to now, the district had been held property unit boiler promotion meeting, 28 companies have 140 boiler by one to clear a specific time frame for completion and responsible persons, are gradually start building renovation project, planned before the end of September to complete the transformation of building construction; the end of October front, complete run debugging; before the end of December to complete the project acceptance.

It is understood, Harbin source of ambient air particulate matter analysis result display, the largest contribution to the PM10 and PM2.5 pollution sources are fired, share ratio of 31% and 36%, respectively. Ultra-low emissions of coal-fired boilers is mainly transformation soot particulate matter reducing emissions to the atmosphere, thereby reducing the concentration PM2.5, effectively improve air quality.

ZG hot water Boiler system calculate and compute appropriate 4t condensing boiler industrial estonia sizing and capacities to suit any particular requirements, for Factories, Hospitals, Hotels, Health Centers, Food Processors, Textile Mills, and Vegetable Oil Mills, Cannes, Laundries, Saw Mills, Colleges, and Institutions etc.

Vertical unassembled gas fired 4t condensing boiler industrial estonia(Vertical field assembled gas fired boiler) mostly adopts π-type layout and its design structure is similar to that of external circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler.