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competitve steam boiler

Diesel boiler fuel consumption per hour = boiler output / fuel calorific value / boiler efficiency.

Under normal circumstances, the boiler output of ZBG 1 ton oil-fired boiler is 1 ton (1000kg=2520 Mj), and the efficiency of diesel oil boiler is about 96.2%. The combustion heat value of diesel is 42.42 Mj/kg.

Rated boiler steam pressure and related concepts in terms of: 1.25MPa, 12.5 kg, which can represent all the steam pressure of the boiler, but in fact we are not very familiar with rated steam pressure, what is the meaning of this parameter in industrial boilers, today we have take a look, the way to learn about pressure competitve steam boiler conversion method.

CFB boiler have many kinds of applications,especially used in chemical factory,power plant,cement plant and textile mill and so on.30 ton circulating fuidized bed boiler is used to being the first choice by industry enterprises.

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