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Low pressure small capacity of biomass CFB samho boiler coms technology:

Advanced Bio CFB technology not only addresses the fuel issues related to biomass firing, but also conforms to plant requirements and optimizes its investment factors.

In recent years, Hebei Province People's Government to respond positively to Blue Sky Battle action plan promulgated by the state, and all of 35t / h coal-fired samho boiler com and below in the Hebei province out of the transformation process. First Hospital of Baoding respond positively to the call of the provincial government, eliminate serious pollution of the original coal-fired boiler hospital, citing energy saving steam boiler to natural gas as raw material. After a series of market research, WNS Series Split hospital condensing gas boiler boiler other fast soft spot.

A small hot water samho boiler com is defined as a boiler in which the rated effluent pressure does not exceed 0.1 MPA or is pressurized with tap water. To meet these two points, it can be considered as a small-scale hot water boiler, and for us, we should know this point correctly and should not make mistakes in order to avoid problems in selection and use.

In the design of energy saving circulating fluidized bed samho boiler com, ZG adopts a stationary state design theory and technology of CFB mapping, the fluidized bed flow reconstruction, so that the boiler has the advantages of strong adaptability for coal, low pollutant emissions, with significant economic and social benefits, in the optimization to improve energy structure, energy supply quality, reduce environmental pollution, improve resource utilization efficiency and other aspects play an important role.