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boiler and steam turbine

Small gas hot water boiler and steam turbine requirements introduced 1, small boilers and normal hot water boiler should be installed at least a pressure gauge. Pressure gauge check should be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations. There are two small soda boiler, small steam boilers and small aluminum boiler should at least also installed a water gauge. 2, soft drinks dual small boilers, boiler pressure boiler can not be small with spring-loaded safety valve, seal safety device should be used meets the following requirements: the diameter (1) should be determined according to the dip pipe and pressure rated capacity of the boiler, and an inner diameter not less than 25 mm; (2) seal device is mounted, the effective height of not more than 4 meters water column and only allows negative deviation; shall be installed on any valve (3) seal the pipe, and measures should be frozen master. 3, small soft drinks dual boiler should annually conduct a pressure test. 4, small steam boiler should be conducted every two years external inspection and hydrostatic test. 5, small steam boiler lifespan should not exceed eight years, more than eight years be scrapped. 6, small aluminum pressure hydraulic test should be conducted every two years. Prior to hydrostatic testing should be performed to check the necessary internal and external. 7, after pressure hot water boiler in use, and no unit or person shall not change the structure and installation of boiler system piping, valves. Non-pressure hot water boiler converted boiler pressure.

Cause for six burner gas boiler and steam turbine is not operating: burner components is an important gas boiler, mainly used for the fuel ignition and combustion. It can be said, whether the combustion unit is operating properly will directly affect the overall operation of the effect of the gas boiler.

The four pipeline leak explosion occurred once the boiler and steam turbine will increase unplanned outage losses, increased maintenance workload, and sometimes may lead to accidents, seriously affect power plant safety, economic operation. Visible, to prevent leakage of boiler four is the need to improve the reliability of thermal power generating units, is the need to improve the economic efficiency of power generation equipment, but also the need to create a thermal power plant. Cause boiler, "four" causes more leakage, which wear, corrosion, overheating, crack is the leading cause of four leaks. How to run the personnel to determine the specific parameters from the leak site accurately, the premise is to improve the treatment effect of the accident.

Fast boiler and steam turbine "the most beautiful woman welder" provincial welding contest won success, "the Sixth National employees vocational skills contest Henan welder trials," concluded successfully, our employees participate in the contest section slowly on behalf of the city. In the game, she had five hurdles will stand out from the province's 18 cities 45 contestants, good access to the provincial tournament eighth-place finish.