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Three forms of 10t boiler distributor industrial moldavia water level control and its relationship with Turbine: the boiler, it can be said that we know and understand all of it, we have reached a certain degree, so, based on this, then, would have been in front there is basis to continue the study and work of the product, and should be taken seriously and, because it is the site of important products, so this will have specific requirements to ensure that everyone's learning. 1. boiler water level control, which is mainly there? Boil Level Control, which mainly have three, for manual control, automatic control and intelligent control. Automatic control, which can also be called a mechanical control. Manual control: the level of the water level gauge observation by a fireman, to control and regulate the boiler feed water. Mechanical control or automatic control: a level sensor is used, and that there is a high level and a low level of the points. When the water level to two points, send a signal to the pump, high-low stop start. Intelligent control: level signal which is how these points, pressure, and so on floats. And, it also has three impulses intelligent instruments, PLC computer control and DCS intelligent control three. By some specific parameters to determine the amount of water to the boiler, thus, allow the water level is maintained at a reasonable state.

How to select the right steam 10t boiler distributor industrial moldavia? The newly established company will initially invest a lot of money to buy a steam boiler, often to buy what kind of steam boilers and worry in the case of funds not worry. So we simply talk about the issue to buy a steam boiler must be noted. The first item to note is rated evaporation, evaporation rated companies choose how much of their own business should be based on demand. For example, small companies need a large amount of steam was selected Rated evaporation of steam boilers, steam produced simply used up, it can only be a waste of money. For a lot of steam, but choose a small amount of evaporation of the boiler, the steam for less than the final result, it can only be used to add a new boiler or boiler, the final cost so much better than a place to directly select the appropriate high boiler. The second parameter is the thermal efficiency, a good addition to the rated boiler evaporation also need to have a large amount of high thermal efficiency, many companies chose to pursue cheap inefficient boilers will be very affordable in the short term, but over time will find efficiency low fuel consumption is also high boilers, steam production unit of fuel is very low, so that over time will be very loss. The third parameter is the rated steam pressure, not to say that as long as the boiler to produce steam on the line, with the steam vapor is still a difference, every business has a standard steam of each enterprise. Take the power plant, the steam turbine power plants require much pressure steam are all required, if the pressure is too high can damage the steam turbine plant, if the pressure is too low may not move at all with a steam turbine. Therefore, the appropriate choice of rated steam pressure is very important. The fourth parameter is the nominal steam temperature, steam pressure and rated Similarly, the selection of nominal steam temperature of the steam boiler must be based on the needs of steam equipment, steam equipment How high temperature steam, the steam boiler should choose appropriate rated steam temperature.

Hotels with a gas hot water 10t boiler distributor industrial moldavia is broken hot water supply can not be how to deal with? Hotels with a gas hot water boiler is broken hot water supply can not be how to deal with? In the process of gas hot water boiler operation, the boiler or the boiler does not work abnormal phenomenon is prone, then once these conditions arise how to handle it? Below for this problem, Xiao Bian give you a simple analysis. (1) In case of problems, we must first take emergency measures and emergency repairs. (2) to appease the guests live, and do the interpretation. (3) To follow the progress of repairs in a timely manner, deal with customers' needs and requirements. After (4) treatment should be promptly revised summary of reasons for abnormal boiler, and to develop practices, regularly check the boiler operating conditions. Of course, this is just, part of emergency steps, concrete also need to develop practical solutions based on the actual situation of the scene. In this process, we must pay particular attention to emergency and guests appease these two points, to ensure orderly maintenance work can be carried out, in order to shorten the scope and impact of emergencies duration. Zhengzhou is above party fast small as we bring to share, I hope will be useful to you.

Beiqi Panther car 6 tons of steam condensing one fuel gas steam 10t boiler distributor industrial moldavia project has been successfully completed. This series boiler adopt advanced design concepts, using the waste heat of flue gas cascade, with the use of the condenser and the economizer fully absorb the waste heat in the flue gas, the boiler efficiency has been greatly improved.