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Boiler Brand 1t Industrial Turkmenistan

Heat pipe is an efficient heat transfer element. The heat exchanger composed of heat pipe has many advantages, such as small volume, light weight, large heat transfer power, low flow resistance and so on. The heat pipe heat exchanger is a non-contact surface heat exchanger with hot fluid. As the heating surface at the end of the industrial boiler brand 1t industrial turkmenistan, it can make full use of the exhaust waste heat of the boiler, improve the boiler efficiency and save energy. Can be used as heat pipe air preheater, heat pipe economizer and heat pipe water heater. The heat pipe air preheater is used to heat the combustion air, which not only can reduce the loss of exhaust smoke, but also can greatly enhance the combustion, and can effectively reduce the carbon content of ash slag and the loss of chemical incomplete combustion. Therefore, the efficiency of industrial boilers can be greatly improved. The heat pipe economizer is used to heat the boiler feed water, and the heat pipe water heater is used to heat the hot water for production and life, which can improve the utilization rate of energy, and the application is very common.

Dial firearms When caking coal combustion chain grate boiler brand 1t industrial turkmenistan slagging combustion zone Seam is a common occurrence. This requires a fireman who frequently beat palladium, beaten clinker, improve combustion, reduce oven

What are the main parts of the boiler brand 1t industrial turkmenistan? No matter what kind of equipment, accessories are essential, and parts of the boiler is very much, even the smallest one ton tonnage industrial gas boiler, but also by the composition system accessories, not to mention the large circulating fluidized bed the number of parts of the boiler. Zheng pot boiler accessories is one of the main marketing services provided, as even wear tiny boiler, but also need to replace individual parts within a certain period of time, to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler.

Diqing in Yunnan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in Pulang copper mining, site selection, sales and other items. As we all know, in the copper smelting process, it consumes a lot of electricity and thermal power resources, which account for most of the hot water consumption. Combined with the actual demand Diqing company, to provide fast Boiler 1 stage electric heating hot water boiler brand 1t industrial turkmenistan of 2.1MW.