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rice mill boiler 4 ton plant

Burner arrangement 1. The fuel gas burner arrangement of the rice mill boiler 4 ton plant fuel is currently produced quick type of fuel for the boiler to a small volume, high furnace thermal load, there are two main measures: The first is to improve the quality of atomization burner, the first Second, reducing the fan speed at the outlet of the burner, the inside of the gas flow more intense mixing. The cross section of the gas flow is reduced, it is strongly combustion, it is disposed closely related to the furnace burner heat load. Small single burner fuel boiler are disposed in a vertical furnace roof or bottom, depending on the direction of travel of flue gas, generally horizontal fire tube boiler quick 1-2 are arranged burners, arranged horizontally. For coal-fired boilers into water tube boiler or oil-fired boiler, and the center of the burner is not less than the distance spacer 1 ~ 1.2m, the lower stage burner close to the hearth of not less than 1M; The selection of two burners, the the distance between the center should be kept about 1m, the rotational wind and the two burners should steering contrast, when the amount of fuel to the burner single 500 ~ l000kg / h, the furnace depth is not less than 4M; fuel consumption of 200 ~ 500kg / h, the furnace depth is not less than 3m. Large furnace size and shape of the fuel boiler 2. The nature of the relationship gas burner arrangement of the boiler, gas boiler combustion process is simpler than the fuel, the shorter the time required for combustion, and thus smaller furnace volume required, the burner is arranged to be combined with the shape of the furnace considered together, fullness good flame, flame erosion less water wall principle, the general arrangement of a gas boiler burner, so that the system is simple, easy operation and management, investment. Larger capacity of the gas boiler, the burner may be arranged in two. Usually vertical arrangement, even when the load is reduced, disabling a burner, the furnace will not cause deviation from the center of the flame, affect the reliability and the superheater temperature deviation of the water cycle. Shell type structure due to restrictions by the boiler, furnace are double horizontally arranged symmetrically, each one arranged in each furnace burners, gas boiler burners can be arranged in the boiler front wall, a bottom, if the flue gas outlet at the bottom of the furnace , the burner may be arranged in the roof.

Actively promote the benefits of national significance and clean heating in winter

In recent years, China's major provinces and cities are actively promoting clean warm winter, starting from the fuel supply options and control emissions, all achieved great results. So, our commitment to bring clean heating What is the significance of it, clean and warm people's lives will bring what good is it? Follow the fast boiler, which work together to understand the reason of it.

Environmental requirements: With large combustor space, full use of radiation heat transfer and high quality and reliable inlet burner, the fuel can be completely burned and the emission of harmful components in flue gas can be greatly reduced. The company's fuel (gas) steam, hot water rice mill boiler 4 ton plant conforms to the national environmental protection requirements, and is an ideal environmental protection product.

Since last year, the city of Yinchuan in Ningxia to develop clean energy alternative to coal heating work carried out, in order to adhere to the use of waste heat energy-based heating system, two years, a total removal of 212 coal-fired rice mill boiler 4 ton plant units, designed over 20 million square heating area Meter. At present, Yinchuan City, the formation of a waste heat recovery and cogeneration-based, clean energy co-existence of a new pattern of heating, coal heating gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

According to Yinchuan City Housing Construction Bureau feedback, early last year, Yinchuan City, began to promote the implementation of "East of the West to give a" heat of long-distance heating projects, the long-distance transmission projects across the Yellow River, the basic realization of restructuring heat source, heat source interconnection point to ensure the city heating security and stability, environmental protection is of great significance.

At present, "East of the West to give a" central heating heating net charge of the project, the city branch, etc. have been completed, the east, the city water pipe network has been completed and started flushing cycle, is west of the water, water totaled 145,000 cubic meters.

At the same time, Yinchuan City, also build a heat source, thermoelectric Xixia complete the second phase of construction, the new 2 sets of 350,000 kilowatts supercritical coal-fired air-cooled heat generators, which can effectively replace Yinchuan City, 154 small coal-fired boilers, the annual generating capacity 3.85 billion kwh, heating capacity of 16.42 million square meters.

This year Yinchuan new cogeneration district heating area of ​​41 million square meters, the new heating pipe network 86 kilometers, is the largest investment project ever central heating, with the largest of the year.