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advantages water tube boiler

CFB advantages water tube boiler technology is a newest technology with Fuel flexibility,this CFB boiler technology can be used for industrial CFB boiler design and Power plant CFB steam boiler design.

For China, the development of domestic urbanization, the improvement of people's living standards, winter heating is indispensable in the North. When the commuters came home from work and shivered by the cold north wind, it was so cozy that they came back home to warm their faces. It must have been the dream of many southern friends. Did you not see that in winter, it was the dream of many friends in the south, and did you not see that when they came home from work, and when they were shivering by the cold north wind, they came back home to warm their faces? The friends of the south were playing with the heat and were bitterly suffering from the cold. Today, please join us in understanding what advantages water tube boilers are used for heating and why heating with hot water boilers is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Hot water boilers are generally used for heating, except for less production The process requires the use of steam. Because it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than using steam boilers. First of all, in terms of fuel consumption, hot water boiler heating than steam boiler heating 20% less fuel, this amount is very considerable. There are two reasons: one is the heat loss caused by the lack of condensation water and secondary evaporation, the other is the hot water heating pipe through the use of special heat preservation materials, the pipe is also as thin as possible to meet the needs of the situation, the heat loss is relatively small. The heat loss caused by steam leakage from steam heating pipe is relatively large. Hot water boilers require only a small amount of regular discharge. Hot water heating has another benefit. It is possible to adjust the quality and temperature of hot water flexibly, when the outdoor temperature is lower, the temperature of hot water needs to be increased to meet the needs of people, and when the temperature of the outdoor temperature is higher, the temperature of hot water can be lowered. This can not only meet the needs of people, but also achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. And its system maintenance cost is also lower. Hot water boilers can heating dozens of kilometers away in residential areas, such as boilers in this respect has a good performance. Although there are some shortcomings in other aspects of hot water heating the overall economic benefit is remarkable and the energy saving and environmental protection effect is better. Our hot water boiler has excellent performance and service life Long, operational aspect.

Combustion air staging the first stage fuel rich combustion, excess air is added in the second stage, the lean burn combustion, the air is cooled between the two was added to ensure that the combustion temperature will not be too high. Combustion air staging and fuel staging combustion contrary, with the first stage fuel lean combustion, fuel is added in the second stage so that the equivalent ratio required value is achieved. These two methods will eventually cause the excess air ratio of the entire system to maintain a constant, low nitrogen currently widely used as combustion control technique. (2) lean premixed combustion technology refers premixed combustion fuel and oxidant completely mixed at the molecular level before the mixture is ignited. For controlling the generation of NOx, this technique has the advantage of controlling the combustion temperature can be achieved by fully controlling the equivalent ratio, thereby reducing thermal NOx formation rates, in some cases, partially premixed and the premixed combustion than non-premixed 85% -90% of combustion to reduce NOx production. Further, the premix can also be reduced completely to reduce the excess air ratio due to unevenness caused by generation control of NOx. However, premixed combustion technology there are still unresolved technical difficulties on the security control: First, because of its highly combustible premixed gas may cause tempering; the second is too high excess air ratio will lead to an increase in exhaust losses , reduces the thermal efficiency of the advantages water tube boiler. (3) internal and external flue gas recirculation to reduce the combustion temperature of flue gas recirculation techniques may be implemented by adding a flame zone in the flue gas, the flue gas is added to reduce the combustion temperature of the endothermic.

Hot water advantages water tube boiler heating industry is our essential equipment, gas hot water boiler water provided by the party fast flotilla, high thermal efficiency direct savings on fuel costs of inputs for our company, the intelligence facilities let the boiler run more convenient and effective to reduce the labor intensity of fireman people. --customer feedback