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szs water tube 2t dealer boiler brand belarus induced draft fan needs it? For now the commonly used boiler needs to be equipped with the induced draft fan according to the scene. Further, depending on the type of fuel, the proportion of the air required for combustion is slightly larger. For example, an air ratio of gas per cubic meter of gas demand 1:10 10 m3 air, one ton boiler 700 kilowatts and 66 cubic meters of gas required for combustion air 660 m3. In ensuring the pressure in the boiler furnace micro auxiliary premise than 660 cubic meters per hour can be configured induced draft fan. szs water tube boiler induced draft fan needs it? At the same time, it has estimated air volume and tonnage of the boiler boiler directly related to the amount of smoke that is directly related to: the estimated amount of gas stratified combustion tonnage of each boiler boiler of 1250 cubic meters per hour, when air leakage coefficient of 1.55, when the exhaust gas temperature is 200 degrees, the flue gas volume of about 2500 m3 / hr. Conventional supporting the motor power as follows: One ton of 5.5 kilowatts, 1.1 kilowatts draft fan boiler blower to blower 11KW 2 t, t to blower fan 3KW4 22kW, 37kW inducer blower 5.5kW6T boiler, boiler fan blower 7.5KW10 tons 45kW, fans 15kW20 tons 90 kW boiler induced draft fan blower 55kw

Possible causes of Water shortage in Oil-fired Gas-fired Steam 2t dealer boiler brand belaruss

Water is the main medium for generating heat energy in boilers. During the operation of steam boilers, the drum (pot) contains and maintains a certain amount of water, which makes the steam pressure and boiler water level relatively stable, and is also beneficial to the natural circulation of boilers and the separation of steam and water. It is the basic condition for safe operation of the boiler.

The party now has a fast FGR technology and premix combustion technology such as low-emission products have been quickly occupied Beijing, Tianjin and the market, 120,000 square meters of 2t dealer boiler brand belarus production line 4 tireless efforts day and night to produce boiler equipment exported to the US, Russia, India, North Korea and other countries and parts of Europe, a number of countries to meet the needs of different clients.

How to maintain water supply and 2t dealer boiler brand belarus water of Fangkuai boiler during operation the quality of water supply and furnace water of Fangkuai boiler should meet the requirements of GB/T1576-2008 (Industrial Boiler Water quality). And sample and test regularly. The quantity and frequency of the discharge shall be determined by the laboratory personnel. Test and discharge shall be recorded in detail. 2 Monitoring of rotating machinery shall be carried out by means of one look, two ears and three touches for pumps, fans, pumps, etc. The discovery of anomalies, that is, take measures to deal with. If necessary, the furnace should be shut down and overhauled, but it should not be careless. The oil level of the tank on the 3rd day If there is no automatic control device for oil level, the oil level should be checked regularly and it is found that the oil level is too low to be used for 2 hours. Please inform the fuel personnel in advance of the injection of new fuel. 4 the water level control of the soft water tank is generally used to automatically control the operation status of the 5 water treatment equipment to check periodically for the failure of ion exchangers in the water treatment equipment. Under normal conditions, the exhaust temperature of the new Fangkuai boiler is generally low, and will gradually increase with the increase of the running time. If it is found that the change is too large and exceeds 20 ℃, the appropriate time to shut down the furnace and clean the ash should be chosen. Such phenomena as If it happens frequently, check that the combustion system is normal. If the oil pressure is too low, the oil temperature is too low to atomize bad, or the air-oil ratio is not correct, resulting in bad oil-gas mixture, resulting in anoxic combustion and carbon precipitation. In addition, for dry-backed boilers, if the exhaust temperature increases abruptly, it is possible to leak smoke from the fire-proof wall between the second and the third return of the rear chamber, which needs to be repaired.