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laundary steam boiler suppliers in cochin

4, explosion caused by severe overpressure;

5, due to the failure of safety accessories, structural design is not fair, material decay and other reasons, resulting in boiler explosion.

Many heating units use gas hot water boiler in the winter for heating residential or office area. Taking into account the particular winter weather, the boiler room will do a lot of heat treatment, to prevent the cracking occurs due to the cold boiler at runtime. But this is not enough, gas hot water boiler itself also have to make antifreeze treatment.

As the only fast boiler boiler manufacturers, we were invited to participate in this event. The conference has invited one of the advocates of Tsinghua Academy of low-carbon development executive vice president Li Zheng, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, China Environmental Engineering disciplines - Jiang Yi, vice chairman of the European Society of HVAC ManuelGameiro, Many sophisticated scholars in the Beijing Institute of architectural design Co., Ltd. VENTILATING Chief Engineer, China Academy of building Science and Technology Xu Wei, chief engineer specializing in HVAC and other fields. Report of the meeting theme is clear, rich content, covering industry hot issue, aroused heated discussions delegates.

Fourth, multiple security

Gas hot water boiler with a further pressure protection, high-voltage protection, leakage protection, frost protection, anti-seize protection, preventing overheating protection, flame protection, anti-return air protection, anti-jam protection condensed water, smoke protection temperature is too high, the temperature NTC protection, flue blockage protection, anti-dry protection and other protection mechanisms, heavy protection, to ensure safe operation of the boiler.