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Brazil Bacoalse Fired Steam Boiler

Fourth, the leaking gas boiler water treatment system: first check whether the gas boiler corrosion, if corrosion first boiler needs descaling, fix leaky section, and then circulating water treatment, pharmaceutical participate, boilers and other equipment raw materials were corrosion, resistance dirt, and maintenance.

3.Rice husk fired boiler with top Loading design to avoid nozzle failure & bulging of reversal chamber.

4.Special ferrules to protect smoke tubes from abrasive husk ash.

In some areas, the alkalinity of the water source is relatively high. After the combustion of the fuel gas brazil bacoalse fired steam boiler is heated and concentrated, the alkalinity of the pot water will become higher and higher. After reaching a certain concentration, it will foam on the evaporation surface, affecting the steam quality; Under certain conditions, if the alkalinity is too high, alkaline corrosion such as caustic embrittlement in the stress concentration portion may occur. Therefore, the alkalinity of the water should be reduced. In addition, the dissolved solid content is too high, it will also affect the quality of steam, and even cause steam and water to rise. It should be controlled by reasonable drainage.

Due to the special nature of the industrial park location, we are more to consider whether the boiler with green features in the choice of boiler equipment. According to our survey of the entire boiler industry, quick side has considerable experience in research and development in the field of environmental cleaning boilers, boiler equipment while also providing low pollutant emissions for Beijing more enterprises and institutions, we are fully confident that the fast boiler ability. --customer feedback