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First, the site of hot water boilers: Boilers must be placed in an appropriate location and may not be installed in the air is not smooth basement, boiler certain flat to avoid vibration during operation, causing damage to the equipment. Second, professional installers: To ensure safety, the installation of the boiler must be installed by a professional installer, they have professional knowledge and installation experience. This is the first condition to ensure the safety of the boiler. Third, check for leaks: When the gas boiler installed in the vicinity to ensure that no sources of ignition, the gas valve is opened, to see whether the leak, the leak if not installed, if there is leakage, the investigation should be promptly resolved problem.

Gas boiler module introduces gas boiler module composed of a plurality of modules boiler heating system, heat on demand. Module can make full use of the advantages, high thermal efficiency, energy saving effect is remarkable; work independently of each module, a single failure of the entire system does not affect the movement, without backup boiler. Advantages: quiet and efficient gas boiler module burner gas boiler module efficiency stainless steel grate combustion, forced burn, burn silent vibration-free, to ensure a quiet environment for a variety of installation site. Boiler 20mbar standards for municipal low pressure natural gas without building an independent regulator station, reducing pipeline investment, saving construction costs. Commercial Gas import module boiler safe, reliable, open-system installation module boiler water pressure during operation is always in addition to normal pressure, but also with multiple perfect safety functions: flameout protection; anti-dry protection; frost protection; water level is too low protection; auto exhaust protection; preventing overheating protection leakage protection; built-in installation: water system is always closed during operation under pressure 0.05 ~ 0.3Mpa, the system having a security function in addition to an open-mounted, but also with protection against: expansion pressure protection system; low-pressure water protection system, high-pressure safety relief protection.

Union Focus Group on democratic management to enhance, 2018 in the weekly publication of the level of reward single award, with only mechanism in the process of division and promote all kinds of competition, in a difficult time helping employees aftermath of experience, the group promoting the union all the time our staff carry out positive changes in the basis of life.

Low nitrogen boiler manufacturers tell you the main advantage of low nitrogen boiler to the boiler are you talking about low nitrogen know whether it, in fact, as an environmentally friendly, new, efficient products, high-quality wear-resistant low-nitrogen boiler will vary with the level of China's homegrown continuous improvement and innovation, there will be more improved performance, there will be other, more core strengths show up in the future. Here to tell you a low nitrogen boiler manufacturers related advantages. 1, a low nitrogen emissions profile view, a low nitrogen back structure boiler, furnace door wide open, a large combustion furnace full hybrid form. Further, a low nitrogen boiler flue gas is used the outer loop (of FGR), premix combustion surface of the core technologies, the NOx emission standard value reaches the boiler, the boiler configuration blue flame burner, NOX emissions as low as the corresponding International Emission Standards. 2, the heat transfer efficiency, the low nitrogen good boiler installation to include efficient condenser, a threaded pipe, including high-tech equipment, greatly optimized heat transfer calculation, and enhance heat transfer performance of the boiler, improving thermal efficiency, it to a large extent reduce the boiler operating costs. 3, high-quality selection of well-known, long service life is the ultimate goal of selection. High-low nitrogen low-pressure boiler smoke tube boiler seamless selection, such as the smoke tube to ensure safe passage, the combustion intensity in the same circumstances, create a seamless pipe to ensure high quality and durable low-nitrogen boiler. 4, a key to start and stop the boiler as a low nitrogen large-scale processing equipment, the need for accurate operation of security. But because of the complex internal structure of the boiler, at startup and shutdown when there is more cumbersome steps. Good low nitrogen boiler extremely intelligent, modern controller, you can easily do automatic operation of the boiler system, accurate requirements. In actual operation, just push the button, we can complete the work start and stop the boiler. 5, safe operation of the boiler system information transmitted via the Internet to the terminal, after-sales do not need to enter the boiler to run the site, you can learn cause of the malfunction, thus saving boiler maintenance costs, and improve after-sales efficiency, reduce customer economic losses. These help about low nitrogen boiler five advantages we summarize by low nitrogen boiler manufacturers, it is because of these advantages, low nitrogen boiler will attract more and more attention. It has been low nitrogen boiler for people not familiar with these for all to see it.