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determine the capacity of the fire tube boiler

Baby swimming pool using oil-fired determine the capacity of the fire tube boiler at risk? For baby swimming pool, a small oil-fired boiler investment, fuel combustion, the hot water fast and stable, furnace coke and there is no problem, many have chosen baby swimming pool oil-fired boiler. But some baby swimming pool oil-fired boiler believe there will be some risk of improper use. Well, baby swimming pool using oil-fired boiler really dangerous? What is the use of fuel water heaters should pay attention to it?

Honghu City Gas Vertical Horizontal steel determine the capacity of the fire tube boiler steel boiler we buy brand buy brand in the process, will have a technical wonder. Here, the author with an analysis. Price boiler steel boiler made of steel price, and the price burner, auxiliary equipment (pumps, control panel, valves) Price synthesis. To determine the root cause of the price of the steel boiler, the most important appears: the product is not identical, production plants, productive skills, testing, planning, selection and other steel products. Its interior is the most critical root causes are listed below: a, producer productivity boiler producer of steel strength, direct to decide, goods level. Thus, all the strength of a company, get rid occupy a larger share of the market, with the right amount of experience. In addition, In addition, the strength of the authority of the design of the product. The level of planning, the pressure on the level of goods is very large. A direct impact, the choice of goods in the future reliability, energy efficiency, safety, and convenience levels. ⑵, the selection of steel standard specifications of steel, basic goods output. Professional authoritative standard steel is steel boiler efficiency to ensure a stable seal. Some second-tier small plant selection or use of substandard steel products not up to standard, will cause steel boiler goods, poor reliability, energy consumption, and secondly, leaving security failure, the user, although the procurement spend less money, but to bomb Pearl bird. Ⅲ, automatic output level boiler steel production step, welding, coil, cutting, is the most critical skills. This three skills than, workers' control, the use of automatic production, the advantages are extremely more common. Thus production automation, have higher accuracy, the smallest fault. This large boiler steel product goods, the key root causes of much better than small products. Thus its, final output, more then fit the planning level, with authority to do them good success standard instructions. ④, step of verifying some domestic large factories, sometimes without a rigorous boiler steel goods, factory testing process. To suppress the end, even for professional goods. This is not super conscientiously fulfill the responsibility of working methods. Professional test step, must primarily comprising: a pressure verification, validation inert gas, welding gap test, seal strength test, and test run. Indispensable, balanced. Only so to be able to ensure that the goods are delivered to professional users, allowing users to use the process in the future, reduce non-compliant goods have caused pressure to normal production and business activities of the user. 5, after-sales support of the second-tier level of more small factories, there is no after-sales support. Service agency personnel are entrusted burden. But more agents who, without authority skill team. After the cause does not meet the standards will result in delayed, or sometimes with consequences not get rid of. To sum up, that is, the price of steel boiler, the root cause of stress. In general, good, good steel boiler price of goods, plus steel boiler burner, normal in every 700KW, thousands, decision.

Food Factory drum determine the capacity of the fire tube boiler water wall and its prevention package of food plant boiler water wall bulge causes and preventive measures? When the water wall tube localized corrosion occurs, the inner wall becomes rough, scaly easily formed in a relatively rough places, and then thickens. Local no good expanded metal soda mixture was cooled temperature, creep speed, and the tubes are not contaminated due to obtain good low-temperature cooling wall, creep does not occur. Water wall tube macro scale for local expansion properties. If you cut the pipe, it was discovered where the drum, the inner wall have been contaminated. Food plant boiler drum wall 1. Summary of the cooling water supply common cause unacceptable quality, contamination of impurities into the boiler heating surface. 2. Run the improper operation of the tube wall overtemperature. 3. flames sweep wall, resulting in long-term water wall tube overheating. The high temperature of the water wall, which makes the metal surface of the water wall had a great temperature gradient. If insufficient cooling capacity of the pipeline medium, the direct result of the water wall temperature is too high.

Handan: Before the end of October to complete the transformation of more than 10 tons of steam gas determine the capacity of the fire tube boiler burning low nitrogen

A few days ago, Handan City issued "on the deadline to complete the nitrogen oxide gas boiler governance" (the "Notice"), clear objectives, tasks nitrogen oxides governance gas boiler, expected to be completed more than 10 steam tons of gas before the end of October this year, low NOx combustion boiler reconstruction. "Notice" to the objectives and tasks of nitrogen oxide gas boiler control, time requirements, safeguard measures have been clearly defined.

First, the implementation of the transformation of ultra-low emissions

By the end of June 2020, the existing non-electrical gas steam boiler, hot water boiler, Stoker stoker furnace and completed the transformation of a low nitrogen combustion, soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides reach 5mg / m³, 10mg / m³ , 30mg / m³, the new gas combustion boiler synchronizing means and is mounted low nitrogen meet emission standards. 20 tons of steam / hour or more gas-fired boiler installation atmospheric pollution automatic monitoring facilities, and networking with the environmental protection department, install a distributed control system (DCS system). 20 t steam / hour to be mounted gas-fired boiler exhaust gas nitrogen oxide analyzer.

Second, the phased completion of the task of transformation of governance

10 before the end 2018, to complete the combustion of the transformation Boilers nitrogen over 10 tons of steam, to complete the 1-10 tons of steam (having a steam tons and 10 tons of steam) combustion transform low nitrogen gas boiler before the end of October 2019, 2020 at the end of 6 before completing the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion gas steam boiler 1 ton. Counties (cities, districts) according to the actual situation, to be completed in advance of nitrogen oxides governance gas boiler.

Third, both subsidies and penalties

"Notice" requirement for acceptance of project management, to give appropriate subsidies comprehensive financial subsidies to control air pollution. Due to the unfinished task of governance be ordered to stop production of governance. For excessive emissions, fraud, unauthorized outage environmental protection facilities, waste-water treatment snuck issues such as rectification and punishment according to law; wrongdoing, be held criminally relevant personnel.