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10 ton WNS horizontal gas fired steam 1t dealer boiler machine kazakhstan for sale

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15 tph SZL series chain grate steam 1t dealer boiler machine kazakhstans for the edible oil industry

Saturated steam is mainly used for heating, refining and disinfecting processes of the vegetable oil production. The vegetable oil industry requires a large amount of steam. With high sanitary requirements, the vegetable oil processing companies set high requirements for the quality of steam. YongYou is a large cereals & oils company integrating grain storage, trading, transit and processing. According to the characteristics of high steam pressure, high quality requirements and large load fluctuations in the vegetable oil production process, YongYou purchased two sets of 15 tph biomass-fired steam boilers to meet the requirements of production. In addition, the flexible load adjustment can improve the use efficiency of steam.

Foshan Gaoming Liu Ling Textile Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, enterprises comprehensive strength, advanced processing equipment, detection means perfect, has a complete quality assurance system, the introduction into a large number of advanced production equipment, to ensure that technical standards and products stable to improve the quality of laid a solid foundation, enjoy a high reputation in the industry. Liu Ling Gao textile company twice with my company were to buy a 20 tons of steam and a whole 10 tons of steam condensing steam 1t dealer boiler machine kazakhstan fuel gas for the production of textile dyeing and finishing company. Fang fast with strong comprehensive strength and improve the service system to win the favor of the other side, communication from the initial to the final boiler factory-installed square fast all uphold the customer's perspective to think and observe the service concept, for the sake of clever Liu Ling textile companies according to the company's actual demand for textiles, the development of specific programs.

Henan gas 1t dealer boiler machine kazakhstan safe operation of the precautions and instructions for use Q: Henan gas boilers due to its high efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly features to be recognized, is now the production company of choice for the device, its safe operation is particularly important, how can we ensure Henan gas boiler safe and stable operation of it? A: 1, Henan gas boiler properly regulate the operation due to the accident caused by improper operation of the boiler is very common, so this is required by law to operate strictly by professional fireman personnel operating procedures in accordance with the provisions of the boiler in Henan gas boiler running. 2, strict management Henan gas boiler room boiler room is nowhere to put the boiler, furnace room security is directly related to the safe operation of the boiler, boiler room open flame is prohibited, but also equipped with fire fighting equipment, Xianzarenyuan prohibited. 3, to deal with any emergency situation right thing is not a hundred percent safe, if an emergency situation occurs during the operation, we must plan well in advance to predict, such as water, electricity, fuel stops, pressure or inadequate equipment failures and other issues, to We have the ability and can be solved in time. 4, employee security awareness training regularly conduct boiler safety training to employees, promote employee safety awareness to develop. 5, Henan Science and gas shutdown maintenance safe operation of Henan gas boiler maintenance work is very important, Henan gas boiler maintenance can not only extend the life of the boiler, the safe operation of the gas boiler in Henan plays an important role.