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autoclaved aerated concrete blocks manufacturers in pune

Currently, the group is still in the process of transformation and upgrading, will gradually realize electronic process control, research in the complex environment of welding technology. Members of the delegation of our company in the integration of the use of digital depth workshop, scientific electronic dispatch enterprise-level human-machine ring material widely used method as well as cloud, big data and the Internet of Things has left a very deep impression. Future, fast side will continue to increase investment in scientific and technological research, efforts to enhance business intelligence production equipment, in order to deepen station machines, welding robots, represented workshop infrastructure. As "Anyang manufacturing", "Henan to create" to contribute their strength.

Detailed knowledge of oil-fired autoclaved aerated concrete blocks manufacturers in punes: Oil-fired Boiler (an oil-burning boiler) is a fuel-fired boiler, including diesel oil, waste oil and other oil boilers. The overall arrangement of the oil-fired boiler is similar to that of the coal-fired boiler, except that the bottom of the furnace of the oil-fired boiler is mostly made into the bottom of the insulation furnace with a tilt to the back wall of 10 °~ 30 °, in order to obtain good combustion characteristics. In order to atomize fuel oil, there are two types of fuel burner nozzle: mechanical centrifugal injector and steam atomized Y type injector.

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Horizontal biomass hot water boiler manufacturer

Boiler heating surface layout more rational development of technology developed from. With ample output, high thermal efficiency, reliable operation, energy saving and many other advantages, a more rational arrangement of the heated area. Li sixteen biomass autoclaved aerated concrete blocks manufacturers in punes heated area should be less than the pressure of saturated steam temperature corresponding to the rated pressure. Biomass boilers is often the first control pressure within the drum safety valve should stabilize production plant requirements or by pressure "Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" provided at least once every school setting and inspection. Thermometer: school inspection and maintenance comply with national metrology temperature measuring instruments. After loading with the school should check at least once a year. Blowdown: discharge (see Section sewage) Normal operation: normal combustion conditions in the furnace can be a general increase in thickness of the fire bed flat seam necessary. Iron grate into the furnace should not burn down when the boiler load. Industrial sectors: thermal power plants, shipyards, petrochemical factories and other precision instruments, bio-engineering, boiler arranged baking and food industry together more other supply process steam; plants need to use hot water in place. Areas of life: steam sterilization Hotels steam laundry use, equipment, canteen, using steam homes; homes, schools, office buildings, hotels and other places in need of heating; hot water baths and other hotels. 1, the structural design, larger space compared to the traditional boiler furnace, while secondary air is arranged very reasonable, advantageous for the formation of fuel combustion products during combustion. 2, the horizontal type double drum junction.