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Energy Saving Boiler 1t Turkmenistan

Recently, the letters and the ecological environment unit, the letter of "energy saving boiler 1t turkmenistan air pollutant emission standards" in the "gas boiler exhaust pipe predetermined height of not less than 8 meters, within 200 meters from the building around the radius of the new boiler room chimney when was the tallest building in which the chimney should be higher than 3 meters "requirement questions.

First, the new urban gas boiler chimney should be performed outside the specified height is 3 meters above the surrounding buildings (there are many communities within 200 meters around the building height higher)?

Second, on the 20t / h steam boiler and above, and more than 14MW hot water boiler to be installed pollution-line monitoring equipment, this means that a single 14MW boiler or boiler means the total audience of 14MW?

Third, for example, I have more than 2MW heating station natural gas hot water boiler 7 units, exhaust gas through the two exhaust pipe emissions, the need to install pollution monitoring equipment?

A "boiler air pollutant emission standards" (GB13271-2014) states that "fuel, gas boiler stack height of not less than 8 m, particularly boiler stack height is determined by the EIA document approved. Chimney around the new boiler room when there is a building within a radius of 200 meters, the tallest building in which the chimney should be higher than 3 meters. when there is a building within 200 meters around the new boiler house chimney radius, "according to the provisions in the new urban area gas boiler should be implemented", the chimney should be higher than the provisions of the tallest buildings in more than 3 meters, "the.

Two, 20t / h steam boiler and above, 14MW and more hot water boiler must be installed in the line monitoring apparatus contaminants "14MW and more hot water boiler" means a single boiler.

Third, on the "exhaust gas through the two exhaust pipe emissions, the need to install pollution monitoring equipment" problem, according to "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law" Article 24 "key sewage units should be installed, using air pollutant emissions automatic monitoring equipment, and environmental protection departments to monitor network devices, monitoring equipment to ensure the normal operation of public and emissions information in accordance with law. "provisions, as well as the" State Council on the issuance of three-year action plan to win the blue sky to defend the notice "(Guo Fa [2018 ] No. 22) "outfall height of over 45 meters of elevated source, as well as petrochemicals, chemicals, packaging, printing, painting and other VOCs emissions from industrial sources focus, the focus of sewage into the Directory of key areas should be basically completed by the end of 2019 to install flue gas automatic monitoring facilities, the country should be basically completed by the end of 2020 the automatic installation of flue gas monitoring facilities. "requirements, if the exhaust pipe where the company was listed as key units of sewage, flue gas monitoring facilities should be installed automatically, otherwise, no installation.

First, check and adjust the water level in the energy saving boiler 1t turkmenistan

The display on the digital adjustment of boiler water table level, when the boiler water level below the normal level required, when the water level above the normal water level will have to open the drain valve timing drainage, the water level reaches a predetermined.

Such as hotels, winter heating and summer just for sanitary hot water, if the total load of the energy saving boiler 1t turkmenistan to the election, then the summer only for hot water in the shower, the boiler operating load is very low, the efficiency drops. It should first calculate the thermal load of each use, and then performs the selection based on usage and other capacity, such systems investment savings, the system is simple, good mutual support.

Key hot water energy saving boiler 1t turkmenistan installation and commissioning work: hot water boiler, its installation work, what is the key? And its commissioning work? Why raise these two issues, the main reason is that, through these two issues, we continue to lead the awareness and understanding of this kind of boiler hot water boiler, thus, to increase the amount of their own knowledge in this area, namely is, you can learn some new harvest, in turn, make their own benefit. 1. Installation place emphasis hot water boiler installation: hot water boiler installation site, is to be elected in a dry place and no staff to move around in, and the ground should be flat and level, not rugged. In addition, there should be some space around it, in order to facilitate maintenance work. Piping arrangements: its plumbing installation, which should have qualified personnel related to excess pipeline valves and piping, is not free to change and changes in order to avoid problems. Its expansion tank and the atmosphere communicating tube, in height should be higher than the boiler. Further, in the hot water outlet, the valve is not installed, so as not to form a pressure-state. Circuit arrangement: by professional electrician, and the line of the hot water boiler, to heat or not heat, moisture and the like, in addition, not on the walkways. For the main power circuit breaker, it should match the capacity of the boiler, so the job. Exhaust chimney: generally the choice of metal material, with a bent if, then, should be unimpeded elbow, and on the number, is not more than two. Further, on the outside thereof, a weather hood should be fixed, so the job.