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steam boiler for sale from china

Optional steam boiler for sale from china look at the price right? Optional steam boiler look at the price right? In many industries in China, when selecting some of the mechanical equipment, the price is a major factor. In fact, this is very wrong. Especially for steam boilers, a major factor in the choice of the boiler should be the main consideration of the quality, efficiency and price of the device. This is a secondary consideration.

Three major characteristics briefly gas boiler: As technology continues to improve, gas boilers are widely used in various fields of production requirements, replaces the traditional combustion boilers, presents its own unique characteristics, not only on the effectiveness of the work significantly improved in the operation is relatively easy, the following paper to explain to you the characteristics of modern, high-quality gas boiler.

High temperature and high pressure refers to a boiler with a superheated steam pressure of 5.3 MPa, a superheated steam temperature of 485 ° C, a superheated steam enthalpy value of 3394.1 KJ/kg, and a feed water temperature of 150 ° C. The 40-ton high-temperature and high-pressure biomass boiler was built in a paper mill for power generation, which is definitely the most concerned about the performance and price of the boiler. Then let us first look at the performance characteristics of the high-pressure high temperature boiler:

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