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heavy fuel fired steam boilers

Before coming heating season, Pinggu and Yanqing, Miyun three areas have been completed six large coal-fired boiler clean energy transformation, involving a total of 1660 tons of steam, residential heating area of ​​about 900 square meters, in order to promote the city's urban focus heating basically clean heating to make a strong contribution.

It is reported that, in addition to this rural area south of the coal-fired boiler house for reasons of space, and the remaining five of the original coal-fired boiler room facility will be retained as an emergency backup. Pinggu District-Valley heating plant boiler clean energy transformation project has been debugging equipment, the boiler room of the original four coal-fired boilers, a total of 400 tons of steam, heating an area of ​​about 2.5 million square meters, the new 3 sets of 100 tons of steam gas boiler is equipped with a heat pump.

Also, according to plan, City Management Committee led the development of the annual Yajian coal and clean energy facilities construction program to focus on the northern region, enhance power supply, gas supply capacity, promote Plains natural gas pipeline "town pass" to protect coal demand for clean energy. The basic realization of the city's plains village "No Coal", the phasing out of bulk coal sales within the region transformation of the industry and commerce department for bulk coal sales cancellation of registration in accordance with law, in principle, be issued a new business license. For failure to implement clean heating in winter 2018 and not included in the annual village "coal to clean energy" program, full implementation of quality coal instead.

Reduction of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide emissions

Pinggu District Management Committee, according to the person in charge, Riverside, Xia Xing Coal Valley and heating plant is heating an area of ​​7.416 million square meters, of which the heating plant heating Riverfront area of ​​4.1 million square meters, the Xingu heating plant heating an area of ​​2.808 million square meters, summer Coal heating plant heating area 508,000 square meters.

By upgrading "coal to gas", three heating plants meet emission standards Beijing local standard NOx emissions of less than 30 mg / standard cubic meter, while the amount of coal Yajian 160,000 tons per year, greatly reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide.

Among them, Xingu heating plant "coal to gas" project officially started on May 16 this year, October 20, Sheung Shui, October 27 with the ignition conditions.

Riverside heating plant "coal to gas" on May 16 this year started, has completed the boiler and associated piping, heat pumps and ancillary equipment installation, ongoing electrical, control system debugging, October 22 has been Sheung Shui, October 29 have ignition conditions.

Summer Coal heating plant "coal gas" this year officially started on August 18, has completed commissioning of boiler facilities and associated piping, heat pumps and ancillary equipment installation, ongoing electrical, control systems, etc., on October 29 water, with firing conditions.

Under what circumstances will improve the quality of the gas boiler? For users, we want the quality of the gas boiler has improved. Of course, more of the manufacturers also want their products to have better quality improve, but although a number of manufacturers have made more effort, ultimately did not improve on the quality, then what kind of situation will be in the next so that the quality of such devices has increased it? First, we need to allow manufacturers to have better strength. Production of any kind of product needs to have the appropriate strength, no power is no way to make the product quality has improved. So when it comes to this product, first of all we need to make it a better production strength, attention, here is the strength of the whole area. First, we need to let it have the strength design of the above, when the boiler is not designed advantage of, but also no way to make it better improve strength, so it is important to improve the quality of products. Furthermore, there is also need to let the better technology strength. Some manufacturers because there is no good technology, even the boiler body are no better quality assurance, in the natural course of a user's also no way to guarantee the quality of the gas boiler. Want to make the quality of the gas boiler has improved, manufacturers need to make better upstream suppliers, because now is not a boiler independently of manufacturers. But rather force performed by a number of manufacturers. Because of this, manufacturers will need to have a better upstream suppliers, if there is no assurance in this regard, it is difficult to improve the quality of the boiler. Of course, at some time, manufacturers also need to have a better reputation, and if the manufacturer does not pay attention to credibility, they will naturally cut corners in production, but in this case, perhaps it's price decreased, but in the end no way to guarantee the performance of the boiler.

50 ton circulating fluidized bed boiler in Vietnam

Projects time: 2012

On regulating energy-saving boilers in the boiler is not an easy interpretation of the transformation, but need to have some standards and norms, as far as possible to meet the following specifications: the basic requirements of the design specification (1) safe and need to have a certain life. (2) improve thermal efficiency to be achieved on the one hand on the premise that the energy saving effect; the other hand, need to meet the actual use of the unit. (3) maximize the use of new technology holds many lessons, techniques and configurations. (4) in the boiler emissions of nitrogen oxides emission standards to meet national and local. The basic principles governing the program selected (1) To research the historical status of the boiler, including the boiler, auxiliary equipment configuration and a series of hardware facilities are required to take into account, if possible, ask a professional team recommended a simple performance tests, then simple statistics, integration, analysis. (2) a structured issue before the boiler, and the problem was caused reasons, the development of rational reconstruction or improvements, after implementation, again repeated testing. Are energy-saving boiler can work smoothly, after the transformation of the product and whether it is safe and stable operation, design or selection scheme is very important, the need for comprehensive consideration and then landing implemented.