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uttarakhand sugar mills list and which type of boiler

2 t heating uttarakhand sugar mills list and which type of boiler pressure to purchase What is the price for heating boiler manufacturers, is the need for their own heating area to know the details of the data. Currently 1 ton steam boiler heating flat area in 7000, according to his own heating area can be rough estimate of the tonnage of pressure boiler needed. Currently two tons of atmospheric heating boilers price of around 200,000, the most important thing is to see boiler plant heating area and form of judgment. So can a detailed and communicate our pre-sales engineers.

Pay particular attention to what the problem is what the hot water uttarakhand sugar mills list and which type of boiler water filling hot water boiler? What specific purpose? What is relevant works? Is a question many people are more concerned about. It has two main purposes: heating and bathing. It Primarily, the hot water holding tank for recycling through the hot water circulation pump. Cycle again and again, and then heated in a hot water tank, to achieve the purpose of the bath. Through the hot water circulation pump, the hot water circulation pipe is heated, then through the radiator, in order to meet people's heating requirement. Boiler and hot water circulation pump combined, then combined with the heat, it can achieve the dual function of heating and bathing. Different applications, different users, boiler-related requirements are different. Therefore, the total market sales of relatively more types of boilers, boiler different types have different uses and functions. The tubular boiler with boiling water boiler type computer controller, the boiler functions stored on the smart chip. Its main function is to achieve intelligent, digital boiler and heating water temperature is automatically stopped. It can save gasoline. Drum boiler for hot water has been transformed with a steam boiler in use, due to the volume of the boiler is very large, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the water cycle, the boiler needs to have a certain height. Meanwhile, such a large volume of water boilers, can maintain the natural circulation, can effectively prevent the evaporation of the water pan. Heating boilers addition, when the boiler in Sheung Shui, we should also pay attention to the matter. Although this type of boiler, belong to the atmospheric pressure equipment. However, before using the boiler ignition device, should conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure the integrity of all before the main boiler parts and accessories can be watered in the boiler. Of course, before the boiler water, we need to pay attention to related issues. In the case of large-scale boiler water, boiler water should be treated before use to ensure that the boiler water is qualified soft water, so the boiler water sampling is required. Heating boiler feed water temperature should not be too high. The main purpose of the control is to ensure that the speed of the respective boiler feed water is uniformly heated. Because the heating boiler is uneven, it will lead to different pressures, then there will be a leak. For cooling boilers, boiler inlet water temperature must be controlled.

At the end of 2017, China Guodian is located in Jiangxi Province Wanan Hydropower Plant After evaluating the situation, some of the steam uttarakhand sugar mills list and which type of boiler used to purchase much-needed daily work. Sales Manager fast boiler combined with the actual situation of the power plant for its recommendation 2 0.5 tons of electrically heated steam boilers.

"Safe distance" uttarakhand sugar mills list and which type of boiler is how much? Do not let the boiler struck a "spark"! For this special boiler equipment, its installation and boiler room are big construction projects, this is not like we normally use home appliances, on the need to consider the question of how or where to install. A safe distance from the boiler in the boiler room is how much? Safe distance from the boiler and the workshop is how much? Security between the boiler room and the building What is the distance? These data collection is good, boiler go safe "start." A boiler in net distance between the boiler and the boiler room safe distance from the building interior walls of the boiler room, fireman space should be left operating, maintenance and arrangement of auxiliary equipment. 1, spacing steam boiler furnace 1 ~ 4t / h, hot water boiler 0.7 ~ 2.8MW, not less than 3.0m; steam boiler 6 ~ 20t / h, hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 14MW, not less than 4.0m; steam boiler 35 ~ 65t / h, hot water boiler 29 ~ 58MW, not less than 5.0m. Note: When replacement boiler tube furnace, blast furnace spacing should meet operational requirements. For 6 ~ 65t h steam boiler / hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 58MW when setting glue instrument control chamber furnace, boiler to the front end of the control chamber can be set to meter spacing 3m. 2, the channel spacing steam boilers and rear side 1 ~ 4t / h, hot water boiler 0.7 ~ 2.8MW, not less than 0.8m; steam boiler 6 ~ 20t / h, hot water boiler 4.2 ~ 14MW, not less than 1.5m ; steam boiler 35 ~ 65t / h, hot water boiler 29 ~ 58MW, not less than 1.8m. Further, when it is desired sootblowing, stirring the fire, slag, installation or maintenance spiral Cleaner, channel spacing should be able to meet the requirements of the operation. Also add that the distance between the highest and the lowest operating point of the boiler structure boiler room at the top of not less than 2m. Second, no uniform workshop boiler is connected between the boiler room and a safe distance from the production plant, the two must be independent, typically 5 meters. Third, the boiler room and a safe distance from buildings 1, a safe distance from the boiler room and a class of high-rise building is 15 meters: 9-16 refers to a class of high-level layer (up to 50 m height); 2, boiler room and multi-residential buildings the safety distance is 13 meters: 2-9 refers to multi-storey buildings layers residential and other civil construction height does not exceed 24m; and 3, a safe distance from the boiler room to the podium before is 10 meters: the podium with senior connected height generally less than 24m. Note: the outer skirt means high-rise building subject projection range, the height of the building is connected to high-rise buildings of no more than 24 meters annex.