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frmulation of boiler feed

Six Product Features of Oil-fired Boiler

Three-way structure: adopt the international popular boiler shell type three-way structure, all wet back structure, combustion chamber large volume design, make the combustion fuller. The fuel is combusted under slight positive pressure in the hearth, and the high-temperature flue gas turns 180 °backward along the tank through the reburning chamber, 180 °into the first flue bundle, 180 °through the compressed front chamber, and then into the second tube bundle, after convection heat transfer, it is discharged into the atmosphere.

It is understood that the main purpose of this research group is to study the production and operation of special equipment safety in our province, our city as a leader in the field of industrial and special equipment production areas of well-known companies has been the concern of the research group. After the tour, the research group said it would I recommend the best practices for future sample safe production, operation and management of special equipment, I also hope that the company's future and make greater achievements and contributions in the field.

Palm shell steam frmulation of boiler feed for palm oil plant

Palm Kernel Shell boiler

For fuel gas frmulation of boiler feed, the combustion by the use of advanced technology or environmental burner configuration to achieve NOx emissions below 30 mg / m, belong to "green boiler."