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boiler heating North Island

Features WNS type gas pressure hot water boiler heating north island WNS What are the characteristics of the type of gas pressure hot water boiler which features WNS type gas pressure hot water boilers have what? Boiler by the boiler tubes, and double-wave oven can return flue composition mixed with the air to ignite the fuel rod electronic ignition burner, injection waveform burner, high temperature flue gas to the combustion chamber of the furnace two convection bank state, the sub-packets into flue economizer (optional), a boiler feed water preheater, while further reducing the temperature of the boiler exhaust gas, and finally discharged to the atmosphere through the chimney flue. WNS type gas pressure hot water boiler Features (1) the use of CAD computer graphics software to optimize the design to ensure good water circulation, small flow resistance. Heating surface heat transfer coefficient is fully optimized, high thermal efficiency. (2) Special Equipment Association of Henan Province drawing safe and reliable. (3) downstream of the body is a horizontal wet return all three structures, a large heat transfer area, the thermal efficiency is much higher than the normal center structures, (4) primary compression element is butt-welded to ensure the welding quality. (5) interpolation spoiler smoke tubes, high thermal efficiency; (6) furnace bile formation, the use of special materials to protect the furnace. It can also ensure that the water is clean and clean. (7) furnace open manhole, hand hole to facilitate maintenance; (8) burner equipped with imported Italian Baird burner valve group including filtration devices and leak detection devices. Combustion and good regulation performance, safety and efficiency; (9) with a dry boiler combustion apparatus, in order to prevent damage to the boiler water.

Refers condensing heat recovery technology, a condenser disposed in the boiler heating north island flue tail, the high temperature flue gas discharged latent heat through the condenser, the condenser and then the flue gas prior to the recovery boiler portion back to the boiler for reuse, can be sufficiently improved thermal efficiency of boiler and thermal energy utilization, have its cake.

Forestry Residues including wood chips, wood pellets, sawdust, bark from forestry operations and processing. Agricultural residues mainly include straw, sugar bagasse, palm kernel shells. All these can be burning fuel for CFB power plant boiler heating north island to generate steam or hot water.

Still 8 cultural and creative industrial park is located in the Chaoyang District, Beijing, Bali Zhuang Chen Lin, No. 2, construction area of ​​493,300 square meters. Surrounded by quintessence of Court, Red Sandalwood Museum, Shanxi Museum and other famous attractions. Due to its special geographical location, has very stringent requirements for providing heat boiler heating north island plants. Carefully selected to finalize cooperation with our company, signed a two He Lide series complete condensation pressure hot water boiler.