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powder heating machine boiler

75 ton CFB powder heating machine boiler in China Salt Company

As the China’s foremost specialist in efficient Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler, we offer cost and carbon cutting solutions to a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service, fast quotation response, quick order turnaround, and competitive pricing structure.

For example, if you want to purchase a set of industrial powder heating machine boiler for your paper plant. To know the price, you should tell our boiler engineer about how many tones of steam that your paper plant needs per hour, as well as the size of your factory. In Sep 2015, another paper industry in Philippines contacted with our ZG Boiler. And after several negotiations, our boiler engineer pick up an plan, this paper factory needs 16 ton 16 bar steam boiler to meet their industry process. And with their local fuel conditions, we also suggest them choose our 16 ton rice husk fired firetube steam boiler. Rice husk as a kind of biomass fuel, is saving money and eoc-friendly. And our firetube boiler only has one drum in designs, and with horizontal structure, easy to transport and install. Its automatic operation system is easy and safe to boiler operator.

Whether the powder heating machine boiler has to warm Notes boiler and boiler with HE detergents, it is an important product and one of the main keyword site, so the learning requirements, to achieve the full extent, and does not omit any of its knowledge . So, based on this specific requirement, then, is to proceed immediately to carry out this work, better improve learning efficiency. 1. Is there a corresponding boiler detergents? Boiler cleaning, it is possible to use detergents, but to use special detergents boiler, so as to ensure a good boiler cleaning effect. So, on this issue, the answer is yes. Further, on the particular type of detergent, M-1 type is that a security detergents, which is a scale remover for boilers, having a good cleaning effect and high cleaning efficiency, short time scale solution, safe and easy storage and transportation and, in addition to be used in the boiler, the heat exchanger may also be used. 2. The power boiler is whether the power boiler? Power boiler, which is included in power boilers, and from a professional standpoint, as long as a pressure, temperature of the steam or hot water boilers, power boiler can be considered. So, on this issue, you can get the answer is, not power boilers power boilers, power boilers is a power boiler. 3. What is the difference between Class B and Class C boiler is? Boiler with underfloor heating, what are the considerations? The difference between B and C class boiler, the boiler according to manufacturer box production technical personnel, which is the main difference in the operating pressure and the amount of evaporation, or that the operating pressure and thermal power. Notes boiler with underfloor heating, which is specifically as follows: (1) shall be installed in accordance with the original design of the boiler can not be used under water and on the return of this form, although with a lower back on the next time compared to the temperature difference in the water the difference is not great, but the situation will improve exhaust gas temperature and boiler efficiency. (2) the circulation pump connection is withdrawn water into the boiler water supply, so that the pump pumping water temperature is relatively lower. (3) no need to take the bypass, because the system does not natural circulation. 4. boiler feedwater oxygen Is it important? It can be omitted? Boiler feed water, which typically contains oxygen, such as oxygen into the boiler, the boiler will in some parts or parts subject to corrosion, and thus, affect the normal use of the boiler, and shorten the life of the device, therefore, the need for oxygen work boiler feed water, but also to be taken seriously and can not be omitted.

Battle blue horn sounded, emissions of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen compounds gradually strict national requirements. To improve the quality of the environment, but also the people a blue sky, in all industries around the environmentally friendly product revolution, Hainan Sinochem Pharmaceutical companies are no exception. By the company investigation and comparison of powder heating machine boiler products, in March 2017 signed a six-ton ​​steam-cleaning integrated condensing gas boiler and steam fast boiler. Tested and post feedback, the boiler equipment installation qualification, operating normally, and successfully passed the inspection by local quality inspection departments of the boiler.