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In condensing gas boiler 1. When to maintain condensing gas boiler is mostly made of a metal housing, they must pay attention to prevent moisture, it is worth to remind that a bottom plan must not run gas boiler water, water once it susceptible to corrosion, erosion after the enclosure is not only unsightly but also affect the insulation effect, and some even affect its safety. Corrosion also one of the easiest way is to paint coated boilers, this shortcut will not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the boiler, but also reduce the possibility of dangerous accidents. 2. When using a condensing gas boiler, 2-3 weeks to check once every 3-6 months on a comprehensive inspection, maintenance and the best every time. Check the boiler, is divided into two inner and outer portions, wherein the weld should pay particular attention to the corrosion of the steel sheet and, once found severe corrosion must be repaired. If defective boiler long neglected, is likely to have serious security problems, by then more harm than good. 3. If there is no long-term use, the need maintenance, and can be taken within a month of wet disable maintenance of law, but more than a month, we should dry the maintenance of law. Maintenance of the law condensing gas boiler are many areas requiring attention a lot, though it itself does not pose any safety problems, but the wrong use may also cause a lot of problems. 4. Wet Maintenance: full system of a boiler with an alkaline aqueous solution, anticorrosive thin film is formed on the metal surface, isolated from the air, to prevent oxygen corrosion. Shutdown time is generally no more than one month may be employed in this method. The desiccant process maintenance: condensing gas boiler shutdown longer time, with better maintenance effect dry. The boiler shutdown, the water exhausted, internal and external washing, drying the boiler, and then put into the pot desiccant container open and close the hole, hand hole, port mouth and the chimney, and isolated so. 6. The pneumatic Maintenance: water exhausted furnace, remove the pot and scale, impurities and dried, and then using nitrogen and ammonia gas into the furnace through the cylinder from the highest pressure boiler.

One of the necessary parameters in calculating boiler fuel costs is fuel consumption. We should know that the initial cost of a boiler is the lowest portion of your boiler investment. Fuel costs and maintenance costs represent the largest portion of your boiler equipment investment. The selection of a high efficiency boiler(Less fuel consumption per hour) will result in substantial cost savings.

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Burner is arguably one of the most important gas boiler auxiliary equipment, the same burner installation and commissioning work is also one of the important steps to install the boiler. Burner Before installation, you need to focus on the following points: