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ZG is a global company offering a broad range of CFB Boiler design, engineering, construction, project development and management, research. The corporation's headquarters are at Zhengzhou, China. As acirculating fluidized bedboiler manufacturer, ZG product have run in Malaysia, Russia, South Africa in recent years.

What are the advantages of condensing outdoor boiler for sales? As China's energy optimization, and constantly promote the implementation of energy conservation policies, use of condensing boilers to improve the utilization of natural gas, use the remaining heat to increase heat production and the way of life has become an important means of energy re-use of the moment. As a result, the market also appeared condensing boilers more and more popular around the world, then the number of boilers, condensing boilers which have particular advantages making it the choice for the majority of consumers do? Condensing heat exchanger 1. Optional use of stable material. High-heat converter material requirements condensing boiler used, so it has a strong corrosion resistance. Since the smoke emission will contain large quantities of carbon dioxide and other acid gases, when converted into the flue gas when the condensed water will have varying degrees of acidity, the conventional switch with long-term exposure can cause condensate corrosion scratch off the surface, and changing condensing boilers converter is used to produce high-quality and stable material, reduce corrosion damage to components and zengcheng time. 2. high energy efficiency condensing boiler. Condensing boiler internal cryogenic fluid temperature can reach a very low level, and to take away the effect of reducing the flue gas is excellent, also increases the water vapor condensate can be recovered in the heat and latent heat is also more and more, thereby condense values ​​using thermal energy efficiency of the boiler is larger. 3. Good environmental benefits. Gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide produced after the combustion fumes have serious environmental pollution, in particular, the discharge capacity is small low boiler efficiency of various contaminants stresses can cause serious environmental problems. After installation through condensing boiler, the flue gas water vapor is condensed, when many contaminants dissolved in water condensed on the flue gas purification emissions, while secondary treatment for condensed water can be completely non-polluting emission. In summary, the advantages of condensing boilers includes not only stable and reliable starting performance, but also including the use of equipment has great effect on the energy saving and environmental protection. Condensing boiler will use the moment with the State Government's strong emphasis on the concept of environmental protection has gradually up wide, which the market can provide high-quality manufacturers of condensing boilers shelf increasing, consumers want to use a condensing boiler has the best quality of work We need to learn to distinguish their brands and equipment manufacturers.

It is quick to understand our side of the outdoor boiler for sale, boiler and industrial furnace is Haimen sulfur dioxide, one of the important sources of emissions of nitrogen oxides and soot, boiler and industrial furnace to carry out remediation is to control total energy consumption, air pollution control, energy conservation an important measure low-carbon development.

Recently, Haimen government issued the "2019 Haimen boiler and industrial furnace remediation work plan" put forward requirements on the city's boiler and industrial furnace remediation work.

First, the target for the full year to complete the remediation boiler remediation tasks. DiBiao transformation of ultra-low emissions before the end of the year, the city's 2 sets of 35 tons of steam / hour or phase-out coal-fired boilers clean energy alternative to complete 2 sets of 75 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler and 1 biomass boiler, completed 6 low nitrogen gas-fired combustion units transformation. Phase out coal-fired boilers to consolidate existing achievements regulation to prevent 20 tons of steam / hour resurgence of small coal-fired boilers.

Second, accelerate industrial furnace remediation. This year, the city's 32 industrial furnaces in accordance with the "out of a group, instead of a number, a number of governance" principle fully complete the comprehensive remediation tasks, promote the upgrading of industrial furnace and pollution reduction. And products of coal, petroleum coke, residual oil, heavy oil as the fuel of a heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, a drying furnace (kiln) and the like, according to cut-off high-pollution fuel combustion zone management requirements, the use of clean energy and heat plants, district heating Alternatively heat or the like.

Scheme requires 20 December, the district town organize and complete acceptance of the unit boiler and industrial furnace remediation tasks. Boilers have been removed embodiment physical treatment, use can not be recovered; coal-fired boilers use gas, electricity, light oil clean energy and stable operation of a month or more. Gas-fired low-NOx combustion transformation, the transformation of ultra low emission biomass boilers and coal-fired power boiler ultra-low emission transformation, to have construction contracts and construction unit transformation, after the completion of the transformation have qualified environment monitoring report. After the renovation of industrial furnaces to natural gas, electricity, light oil clean energy, the furnace can not be used and the coal and its products. Boiler and industrial furnace remediation in line with production safety regulations.

How to convert between the three expressions of hot water outdoor boiler for sale output?

There are three common expressions for the output of hot water boilers, namely Kcal/h, t/h, and MW. So what do they mean, and what is the conversion relationship between them?