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To introduce preventive measures for steam 6t boiler brand latvias and common faults of steam reciprocating pumps and measures for handling them, 1. Adequate and effective fire fighting equipment should be provided in the vicinity of steam boiler houses. 2. Steam boiler rooms must have staff on duty 24 hours. Watch in turn, constantly check the water mark in the boiler, ensure above the safety line, prevent dry burning from causing explosion. If you start a fire operation in a flammable and explosive place, you must obtain a fire work permit and do enough fire prevention measures before you can start a fire operation. When you start a fire, you must set up a special person on duty and observe the fire situation at any time. 3, It is strictly prohibited to store containers containing combustible gases in boiler rooms. 4. Steam boiler rooms The personnel must be on duty with a certificate, and master the boiler operation technology skillfully, and have a certain ability of discovering and recognizing hidden dangers of safety. 5. In accordance with the boiler operating instructions, the boiler shall be safely overhauled regularly, Every unsafe factor should be carefully checked in the inspection. 6. The distribution lines installed in the steam boiler room shall be protected by metal pipes or non-combustible rigid plastic tubes, and switch boxes shall be installed separately outside the boiler room, so that the power can be cut off. Prohibition of the use of unqualified safety devices. 1. What is the reason why the steam reciprocating pump does not discharge liquid? How do you rule it out? Answer: (1) cause of failure: 1 suction or discharge line clogging. 2 in, drain valve stuck. 3 in cylinder There is air. 4 suction line connections are not tight. 5 column (live) plug sealing rings are seriously damaged. (2) removal method: 1 removal of pipeline blockage. 2 clearance of plug in drain valve. 3 filling of water. Clean air. 4 fasten line. 5 replace column (active) plug seal ring.

Precautions have chosen Pinghu fuel steam 6t boiler brand latvia which ones are more users in the selection of fuel steam boilers, because it is difficult experienced skills, always do not know how well the beginning. Many series due to fuel steam boilers, and construction is not the same, not the same producers, many of whom are kind of do not know how to select the next part of the public choose to teach tips. The key, select the appropriate fuel steam boiler, certainly wants to understand fuel steam boiler construction, the equipment should be set up to regulate the use, should also check and maintenance, so be sure to comply with reasonable structure before smoothly. Second, everything will have a certain amount of fuel steam boiler steam pressure, but everyone in the course will have a certain amount of loss, which also should be selected enterprises in the fuel steam boiler series pay more attention to supply and demand confluence good then select. Thirdly, we should pay attention to on the one hand there are more fuel steam boiler with the equipment, those are good complementary effect can best reduce consumption, energy use. Therefore, in the process of selecting fuel steam boilers, the above said it must pay more attention to these matters, so only choose the right products, to facilitate the best use of use.

Two of the country this year, the NLD Central Democratic National Construction Association Central and made a number of proposals, to speed up the clean and efficient use of coal mine environmental governance has become a hot topic.

NLD central in the proposal pointed out that China's energy structure adjustment should take Duocuobingju way, multi-pronged approach in phasing suppress excessive coal consumption, promote clean and efficient use of coal, etc., it is necessary to focus on environmental protection, but also to resolve the coal system pressure generated by the financial industry, but also pay attention to the industry employment situation of people's livelihood and social stability.

National Bureau of Statistics recently revealed that total energy consumption in 2018, 4.64 billion tons of standard coal, up 3.3 percent over the previous year, of which coal consumption increased by 1.0%. According to statistics, China's coal demand had reached 4.24 billion tons high point in 2013. From 2014 to 2016, coal consumption declined for three consecutive years, from 2017 to 2018 and began to grow, demand for electricity is the most important factor in the growth of coal consumption in our country return to growth.

NLD central in the proposal put forward, to change the traditional extensive coal utilization, promote clean and efficient use is an inevitable choice to realize energy structure adjustment "soft landing". As most of the early years of huge capital investment in the coal industry to achieve through bank credit, the current coal production capacity is still excess capacity, low coal prices, in this case, it should gradually promote the adjustment of energy structure through technology, etc., should not too quickly, leading to financial system pressure increases, the pressure to raise employment and livelihood.

Proposals suggest that the development of coal-based regional energy center, to achieve energy efficiency an "electricity, gas, cold, heat, water" comprehensive energy plan overall, a substantial increase in thermoelectric projects. Forced to upgrade enterprise technology through carbon taxes and sewage charges, increase the proportion of clean energy use. Regional Center for Alternative Energy Development dispersed small boilers. Accelerate the development of clean coal conversion industry, the direct liquefaction of coal, industrialization indirect coal liquefaction, coal gas, coal, ethylene glycol and other technologies to increase support development efforts.

Maintenance of oil-fired 6t boiler brand latvias introduction 1, after boiler shutdown maintenance of law put to dry water furnace, the interior completely remove the dirt, rinse, drying in the furnace with a slow fire (be careful not to fire), then the diameter of 10-30 mm partial block size of quicklime installed disc, placed in the drum, without metal contact with lime, quicklime by weight, calculated to the drum 8 kilograms per cubic meter volume, and then all of the manhole, the pipe valve closed hand hole , checked every three months, such as lime ingredients like broken, i.e. the need to replace, should be re-run the boiler and the lime extraction plate 2, the discharge water boiler furnace maintenance shutdown wet method, the inside completely remove the dirt, rinse, re-injection of treated water to the full, the water was heated to 100 deg.] C oven, so that the water out of the furnace exhaust gas, and close all valves, not be used in cold climates moisture raising method, in order to avoid damage to the furnace boiler water freezes.