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Boiler Manufacturers 10t High Efficiency

As a global boiler manufacturers 10t high efficiency enterprise, Fangkuai Boiler attaches great importance to the opportunity of communication with customers. Therefore, we have set up a sales team of more than 100 people to visit customer units regularly to check the boiler operation status. Not only can timely search the customer's use feedback and boiler improvement opinions, provide a clearer development direction for equipment research and development, but also assist users in the testing and commissioning of boilers and maintenance work, full life cycle services, and solve customer cooperation projects. The problem is that nobody cares ".

Discontinuous dosing

This medicament means that add medicine to the boiler water regularly.this method need not any complicated dosing equipment and is easily to operate. But in the operation, the medicine concentration of the boiler water will change dramatically, the basicity and PH value of the boiler water is too low before medicament and after medicament these index will increase immediately. These changes will bring inconvenience for boiler water’s supervision.

Packaged chain grate boiler manufacturers 10t high efficiency burning coal fuel has DZL coal fired chain gate boiler and SZL coal fired chain grate boiler for sale. Coal fired chain grate Boiler is consisted on two major parts, the upper main body and lower grate part.

Cathodic protection you know that the components of the boiler manufacturers 10t high efficiency are made of different materials (such as cast iron, copper, aluminum, etc.). In order to prevent electrochemical corrosion, cathodic protection measures must be taken. The sewage treatment of the boiler. Gas boiler bottom discharge can prevent flue gas condensation. Flue gas condensation is due to water content and low flue gas temperature in flue gas (diesel or natural gas). Some of this water is discharged from the chimney, part is absorbed by the chimney wall, and the rest is deposited at the bottom of the chimney. The amount of water produced is affected by the following factors: smoke temperature (91% efficiency, 170 ℃) total surface area of chimney, material and smoke of chimney The heat preservation of the chimney. Maintenance of burners. Gas-fired boiler and burner maintenance, preferably after steam maintenance. Because combustion products corrode boilers and clean up carbon deposits, combustion products should not be kept in the boiler for too long.