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These are the introduction about biomass fired boilers pipe leakage reasons,biomass fired boilers provide by ZG Boiler adopts water cooled arched structure,which both increases the rigidity and stability of the furnace arch and extends the service life of the furnace arch.

What affects the efficiency of 6t manufacturers steam boiler estonias? Steam boiler can be said to be widely used in our daily life are also visible, sometimes we find very low after a period of time, the efficiency of the boiler will change, and some customers will buy the wrong mistaken something, everyone knows, is the cause of the slag cleaning furnace, then in the end is what affected the efficiency of steam boilers? below, will focus on the theme of the boiler, which began to elaborate knowledge, so that we can learn from. 1. What is the general mode of heat transfer boiler, heat boiler there are three main ways:? Heat conduction, convection and radiation. And, in general, in a boiler, it is based on these three ways, utilization, or in combination, to achieve the purpose of improving the heat transfer performance. 2, if there are slagging boilers, boiler have any effect? ​​Boiler slagging is a common phenomenon, but if severe, it will cause serious effects or consequences. Specifically, the boiler will lead to a forced outage, affecting its security and economy. The reason a lot of slagging, such as boiler design is unreasonable, improper burner position, improper fuel selection, will lead to slagging phenomenon. 3, boiler cleaning Why? The main purpose is to avoid cleaning the boiler in the boiler ignition, the discharge may be stored in the furnace, flues and air preheater fuel or combustible gas caused an explosion hazard. Further, after the boiler is off, the air needs to be purged tube furnace 3 to 5 minutes, to ensure safety. Before ignition, also we need to be cleaned, mainly for security. In the boiler, put forward three questions and the correct answers are very important and basic, so to do the work, to grasp, to be applied flexibly actually make the problem satisfactorily resolved, improve the use value of the boiler.

First, it can improve the efficiency of electric heat boiler exchange and reduce power consumption. Experimental contrast, had run under the same conditions Taipower two boilers, electric boilers cleaned after maintenance than without cleaning and maintenance of electric heating boiler is significantly faster rate around 25%, which means that the electric boiler can be cleaned after the original basis 25% savings on power resources. Second, extend the life of electric boiler. By cleaning the inside cleaning member can effectively reduce the load of the main pump, heat exchanger, so that more smooth operation of the boiler, prolonging its life. If every one to two years time cleaning the boiler service life and maintenance, extend equipment 3--5 years.

2019 Beijing ISH fair as promised, fast Boiler another outstanding performance and overall strength, won the attention of those present. In the booth fast boiler and a variety of low-nitrogen series of new products at the show stunning debut, became very attractive in Hall E2 bursting exhibition. In the booth, businessmen from across the country sitting together, Consultant fast low nitrogen boiler product performance situation, but also other fast proprietary remote monitoring system is full of interest; more admiring friends, in the initial communication after, have leave contact information, and field sales engineer long talk fast square details of cooperation;