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cast iron solid fuel boilers sf 02

6.Bottom-ash cooler (wet and dry)

CFBC boiler suppliers

10.This type of cast iron solid fuel boilers sf 02 dominates the electric power industry, providing steam to drive large turbines

11.This boiler can also produce Industrial Utilities (Steam, Hot Water)

Furthermore, is in the process of using steam cast iron solid fuel boilers sf 02, there is also need to automate operations above. Now the above, there is a market operation of the boiler is very different, and some are on the operational needs done entirely by human, every step requires not only technique, but also in time for the boiler to be monitored, and ultimately human, because naturally enhance the human cost, and let the boiler lose cost-effective, relatively speaking, we can achieve some intelligent all aspects of the use of the process, as long as the user set up after, it will follow the appropriate procedure to operate the user does not require any human input.

Under the new economic era, serious product homogeneity, after-sales service is another important indicator selected by the user of the product. Fast cast iron solid fuel boilers sf 02 service customer service center escalating form, by telephone 400, after-sales network, remote monitoring, repair and other micro-channel multi-channel, multi-form to provide users with convenient and efficient service. To allow users to have more expertise in gas boiler operation, operation, security and other aspects, fast Boiler Group launched the safe operation of free training Week in April 2017, the first phase of training has been successfully concluded.